Paleontologists in China, Ancient People Lived More Than 2 Million Years Ago

Friday, July 13, 2018

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The findings of archaeologists lifted the veil of secrecy in the history of mankind.

Paleontologists after extensive studies conducted in China, said that in Asia, ancient people lived more than two million years ago. Thanks to the excavations, in which were found various tools, scientists were able to establish that the ancestors of upright humans left Africa, considered a kind of “cradle of humanity”, much earlier than 1.85 million years ago, as previously thought. Carbon Dating found in China tools showed that the age of the tools that helped the ancestors of modern man survive in the wild, more than 2.12 million years.

Scientists were amazed to find that among such ancient tools were not only simple scrapers and axes, and various household items, chisels, arrowheads and all sorts of hammers. Researchers are currently trying to determine how ancient people managed to occupy the territory of modern China before Georgia.