Westworld Hints That JURASSIC PARK Exists In The Show’s Universe

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The latest episode of Westworld hints that a version of Jurassic Park might exist in their universe, thanks to the Game of Thrones showrunners.

The latest episode of Westworld included a surprising Game of Thrones crossover, and also suggested that Jurassic Park exists - or is at least being being created - in the same universe as well. Westworld's third season takes the hosts outside the web of park realities. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) brought several hosts with her to the outside world in order to take vengeance out on humanity.

In Westworld season 3, episode 2, "The Winter Line," Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) goes back to look for Maeve (Thandie Newton). During Bernard's search, he walks through a floor of Delos technicians, working on animatronics while they wait for layoffs. In a surprise cameo, two technicians were played by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who were dismantling a Drogon bot to sell for parts.

This Westword/Game of Thrones crossover is shocking enough, however, the show also used the cameos to tease the existence of Jurassic Park. D. B. Weiss's technician mentions he plans to sell the dragon to a start-up in Costa Rica. In Jurassic Park, the fictional island where John Hammond establishes the park is off the Costa Rican coast. This island is also the home to the dinosaurs of the reboot series Jurassic World. Neither technician in this Westworld scene mentions the Costa Rican island by name, but it's hard to imagine anywhere else that would want - or could spare no expense on - such a huge animatronic. This version of Drogon, then, would be the basis for creating robotic dinosaurs in the new Jurassic Park, with their own techs able to use the existing parts and tissue.

Obviously, the Westworld version of Jurassic Park would be quite different. The Jurassic Park dinosaurs are brought to life through genetically altered frog DNA, not robotics. However, in the future timeline of Westworld, it makes a lot of sense for a Jurassic Park-like attraction to open up. Even though the Westworld revolt was horrifying, it hasn't stopped Delos from continuing operations. In a world where robotics and artificial reality are not only feasible, but incredibly profitable, Delos would naturally inspire copycat "start-ups." Even if this iteration of Jurassic Park isn't an exact replica of the park seen in the film, it would no doubt come to the same bloody ending.

The existence of Jurassic Park in Westworld is fun to imagine, particularly because of how both stem from the mind of Michael Crichton. Crichton wrote and directed the original Westworld film in 1973, and wrote the Jurassic Park novel in 1990. In a way, the original Westworld already inspired Jurassic Park. Both properties deal with the hubris of man, creating things that destroy them in the end. While there is a difference between the usage of technology to create, both properties utilize their fantastical settings in similar ways.

Whatever it ultimately means, Westworld's fun Game of Thrones Easter egg manages to add an additional layer with one quick line. This type of cameo is meant in good fun more than anything else. However, it's still a nice tribute to an iconic HBO series and an all-time classic film. That said, if Drogon is going to an iteration of Jurassic Park, then hopefully the island doesn't have any bells.

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