10 Things to Know About the New Ultimate Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Perot Museum

Friday, July 13, 2018

Perot Museum exhibit

A dino-mite invasion made its Texas debut June 23 at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. To kick off what the Perot has dubbed "Summer of the Dinosaur," the Perot has introduced Ultimate Dinosaurs, a traveling exhibit that puts guests eye-to-eye with an incredible array of prehistoric dominators that lived only in the southern hemisphere.

Here's what you should know before taking your family and friends on a prehistoric journey:

  1. Ultimate Dinosaurs reveals rarely seen species from the other side of the world that evolved and thrived in South America and Africa. From the tiny Eoraptor to the massive Giganotosaurus (T. rex's bigger, badder cousin), the exhibition is an enthralling introduction to dinosaurs that are unfamiliar to most North Americans.

  2. Visitors can feast their eyes on 17 fully articulated dinosaur casts, more than a dozen prehistoric specimens, an augmented reality to experience the dinosaurs in the flesh, touchable fossilized dinosaur specimens, hands-on play spaces featuring miniature dinosaur dioramas and more. 

  3. Ever wanted to dance with dinosaurs? In the Life Then and Now Hall you can bust a move as a raptor avatar while learning how paleontologists use footprints to study the movement of dinosaurs.

  4. As you enter the museum, there will be a downloadable Snapchat lens of the first new dinosaur species discovered by the Perot Museum's Dr. Tony Fiorillo and Dr. Ron Tyoski. Hold out your hand and you'll have your very own pocket Pachyrhinosaurus to take pictures with.

  5. On your way up the escalator to Level 4 you'll encounter a new, jaw-dropping installation of the second most complete T. rex skeleton ever discovered. Illuminated by neon lights at night, visiting "Stan" is enough of a reason to make a trip to the Perot.

  6. Journey to the Jurassic with two dino-themed sleepovers (July 13 and Aug. 31). Kids will get a guided tour of the new exhibit with a real paleontologist, make their own fossil footprint, go on a museum-wide scavenger hunt and more. Click here to reserve tickets.

  7. Adults (21+) can have their own fun at Social Science: Prehistoric (Aug. 10). Sip on cocktails while you examine fossils, talk with paleontologists and mingle with fellow dinosaur lovers to discuss your favorite prehistoric creatures. Ticket information here.

  8. The museum will be hosting a Dino Fest during Labor Day weekend which will include Dino digs, trivia, lectures and an outdoor Beer Garden with local brews and music. More details to come.

  9. In September, the museum is set to unveil its Paleo LabThis new addition will give you a sneak peek into the day-to-day life of a paleontologist as you watch them at work.

  10. Atop the new Paleo Lab will sit a cast of Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, a polar dinosaur discovered and named by the Perot's very own paleontologists, Dr. Ron Tykoski and Dr. Tony Fiorillo.

Presented in English and French (with a Spanish audio guide available), the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition runs June 23, 2018 - Jan. 6, 2019, and requires a surcharge for members and non-members.

Source: www.visitdallas.com