10 Incredible Pieces Of Jurassic World Concept Art

Saturday, March 14, 2020

If you're a fan of the Jurassic World movies or the Jurassic Park franchise as a whole, you have to check out these amazing pieces of concept art!

The Jurassic World franchise has been raking in all the dough, but certainly hasn't been a unanimous hit among fans and critics. Many cite the lack of attention given to story and characterization in favor of CGI spectacle and hollow nostalgia.

But, one thing that fans can agree on is the hard work by the team of designers and artists who work behind the scenes. One of the best examples of this is the plethora of concept art made for the films. Here are some fantastic examples of ideas that either made it or were inspired by the Dino-filled sequel.

10 - Jurassic Park Or Universal City Walk?

via: Craig Shoji

One of the more fun aspects of these sequels was the full realization of Jurassic World and Jurassic Park as theme parks. The design elements that went into the full look of the parks was obviously designed and inspired by real-world theme parks.

This piece looks like something made for a Universal or Disney Theme park as opposed to a film. The look and feel of this digital painting looks like a tourist getaway or Jurassic park's version of Universal City Walk. What kind of exclusive flavors could that Ben & Jerry's have to offer?

9 - Amber Influence

via: John Bell

One of the more iconic props from the original film was the amber headpiece to the cane owned by John Hammond. Encased in the amber stone was a mosquito with the blood of dinosaurs, the genesis of the DNA source for the parks.

This piece embodies that spirit, using the form of the Amber as a centerpiece in the middle of a hotel plaza. The design of the hotel is perfectly retro, looking like something straight out of Disney's EPCOT. The strands of DNA and the orbital transportation units give this the feeling of a far-flung future.

8 - Merry-Go-Ceratops

via: Jamie Rama

If, in-universe, the original Jurassic Park was anything, it certainly wasn't kid-friendly. Both of Hammond's grandkids almost died during their first visit, and that couldn't be assuaged by any amount of Jello or plush velociraptors.

So to see a concept piece like this is pretty funny. It just goes to show how sanitized they wanted the new version of the park to feel. As shown, the above is similar to many pony rides at amusement parks or county fairs. Unlike those rides, this one involves kids riding on the backs of small triceratops.

7 - Jungle Cruise?

via: Dean Sherriff

The version of the park as we saw it in the original films was far more automized, with ride vehicles on automated tracks and such. Like most theme parks, this one would want to make safety a priority. Unlike most theme parks though, it has a few more cautions to consider.

So this piece of concept art is both fun and completely ridiculous. Here we see visitors kayaking on their own alongside gigantic dinosaurs. While these herbivores wouldn't eat guests, what's stopping them from stampeding or charging? Health and safety would not approve.

6 - Hybrid Designs

via: Bodin Sterba

The idea of genetic manipulation had been an embedded part of the Jurassic Park films for years. But Jurassic World introduced the idea of genetically breeding hybrids of different dinosaurs together, creating a new monster villain for the films.

Obviously, the above design is a far cry from Indominous Rex, but it is a super fun idea of what could have been. Here we see a Triceratops combined with a Stegosaurus. This incredibly armored beast could have been used in a similar fashion to the other military-trained animals, due to its natural shielding.

5 - The Beginnings Of Indominous Rex

via: Ian Joyner

The Indominous Rex predator Idea was actually one of the best parts of these new films. Creating an unnaturally bred monster in the face of more traditional cloning plays heavily into the ideas and moral quandaries of the first film.

The design above is a far more colorful iteration than the final look. It is kind of a fun idea though to use such bright colors. Like real-life poison dart frogs, the coloring could have warned prey against the deadly nature of the beast. Perhaps it could've also carried a natural venom?

4 - An Alternative Look

via: Ian Joyner

This is far more similar in colorization to the final look of Indominous Rex, but it's physical attributes are completely different. The Indominous Rex looked a bit more like a scary white T-Rex, while this version is a combination of many other looks.

The hammerhead skull is reminiscent of pachycephalosaurus with the body of an iguanodon. But, the sharper claws and spikes, along with other predator features mirror that of the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III.

3 - Raptor Cam

via: Fabian Lacey

The idea of battle bred Raptors for the army is a ridiculous idea on paper. It turns out its also kind of ridiculous in execution as well. But, you can't deny that it is also kind of cool to see, at least to our inner twelve-year-old brains.

This concept art displays design concepts for the camera harness that would have been attached to these warrior raptors. You can see the real-world inspiration of seatbelts and helmets in the top right-hand corner.

2 - Rex Presides Over Their Kingdom

via: Dean Sherriff

Everyone had their favorite dinosaur as a kid. But, it might be safe to guess that a majority of us loved T-Rex the most. There are few dinosaur silhouettes that are more iconic than that of this kind of beasts.

So the T-Rex from the original film had to make a return. Rex did near the end of the film, facing off against Indominous Rex at the heart of the park. This concept art shows Rex returning to the ruined skeleton of Jurassic World, and it captures the mood perfectly.

1 - A Different Kind Of Hybrid

via: Carlos Huante

The concept art of what might have been the plot of the first Jurassic World film hit the internet a few years back, and it hasn't stopped haunting us since. In it, the idea of a human dinosaur hybrid army was discussed, so much so that there was art for it.

It is so fun to look at this art, mostly because it is such a bad and bonkers idea that we are glad something exists of it. In no way could this have worked on the big screen, but that's what makes this art so cool. Concept art gives fans a glimpse into the full breadth of the creative process, both good and bad.

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