Red Fleet State Park pleads, 'stop vandalism of dinosaur tracks'

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Red Fleet State Park tackles vandalism of dinosaur tracks. (Photo: / Screen grab)

Utah State Parks is asking for help to stop vandalism of dinosaur tracks at Red Fleet State Parks.


Some visitors have been "ripping up sandstone slabs containing 200-million-year-old dinosaur tracks and throwing them into the water," Utah State Parks stated in a blog.

"While this problem is quite alarming, often times the people who are doing this have no idea they could be destroying millions of years of history," said Josh Hansen, a park manager.


"Some of the tracks are very distinct to the layperson," Hansen said, "but just as many are not. That is why it is important to not disturb any rocks at the dinosaur trackway."

People come from across the country and world to visit Red Fleet.

By treating the track site with such carelessness, people take away from the experiences of thousands of others — and it is a crime.

"It is illegal to displace rocks that contain the tracks," Hansen said. "Disturbing them like this is an act of vandalism."

Vandalism has become more frequent in the last six months. The park estimates at least 10 dinosaur tracks have been vandalized in that time.

There are already signs to show visitors where the dinosaur tracks are, but in light of the recent vandalism wave, park staff have begun to install additional signs.

"Utah State Parks believes education can play a big part in stopping this kind of behavior," Utah State Parks said. "To help combat it, we are asking everyone to spread the word. Please do not throw any rocks in the dinosaur track area at Red Fleet State Park. Help us keep the area preserved and beautiful for visitors both tomorrow and for generations to come."