10 Famous Places Where Dinosaur Bones Have Been Uncovered; Open to Visitors

Monday, September 30, 2019

Dinosaur bones can be seen in several museums around the world where we can learn about the prehistoric creatures that used to roam the Earth. These bones were uncovered all across the world by those who have a passion for uncovering the secrets these bones hold about the past.  What you probably didn't know was that you have the ability to visit the places where these bones were discovered.

These locations are all across the world according to PBDB Navigator and are open to visitors for their enjoyment. Maybe if you visit you will be lucky enough to stumble across the next big find and further expand our knowledge on this topic. Keep reading to learn about ten places where dinosaur bones have been uncovered!


There have been several dinosaur bones and sets of tracks uncovered in Moab, Utah. The place to visit is the Mill Canyon Tracksite and Mill Canyon Bone Trail. You can still see a huge bone encased in rock along the path, as well as tracks from eight different dinosaurs.

They also have their own dinosaur museum so guests can also see clean and preserved bones on display to complete their dinosaur adventure. This place is known for uncovering dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, with one of the most notable being the Camarasaurus.


There were two discoveries made here and both came from the Kimmeridgian period, which is part of the Late Jurassic period. It was a type of Therapod and was uncovered from the Río San Salvador back in 2001.

You can see if you can find some more bones in the hot climate, or go on some other adventures. These include things like stargazing, surfing, or even betting away the rest of your funds in a casino. There are so many places to look and so much land that still has yet to be uncovered by a paleontologist like yourself.


This was a huge dig site in Italy that uncovered several dinosaur bones that contributed to an expansion of our knowledge on these prehistoric creatures. They have found dinosaur bones, but have also uncovered tracks and other invertebrate species.

The species found are mostly from the Early Jurassic period and have discovered evidence of therapods and sauropods. You can travel around this area and make your own discoveries, as well as see some of the tracks left behind by these ancient beasts.


Dinosaur bones were found in the Mafeteng District in Lesotho on the Likhoele Mountain. They were identified as part of the ornithischian species and many sets of finds have been found in this region.

Your travels through the mountain range could uncover even greater prehistoric discoveries in this area in Africa.  If you do happen to come up empty despite hours of searching, there is still the view to look forward to at the end of the day.


There is something here called Dinosaur Valley where there have been loads of dinosaur bones that have been discovered. It is a museum that also showcases dinosaur bones in the quarry section.

It is also said that there are numbers of undiscovered bones in the surrounding area, so you have the chance to look for some of your own. It is a once in a lifetime experience and gives guests the chance to immerse themselves into prehistoric times as they encounter more history than they could have ever imagined.


There have been numerous dinosaur bones found in this part of India and they have uncovered evidence of the Dandakosaurus and Jaklapallisaurus. They actually excavated the full fossil of a Rhynchosaur which managed to stay hidden for 200 million years.

They learned so much about the creatures death to its predicted size, which is why the Yamanpalli bonebed is the best place for you to visit. You might surprise yourself and help uncover the world's next greatest dinosaur find if you decide to take a trip to this part of the world.


There was an Acanthopholis discovered here back in 1865 and it was one of the earliest dinosaur discoveries ever reported. There have been even more uncovered since that fateful day and you could be on the list for the next great discovery.

A walk through the area and a close inspection of your surroundings might give you more than you bargained for. There is also a dinosaur zoo in the area for when you grow tired of not finding any evidence for yourself. You are guaranteed to have a great time and enjoy all that England has to offer a dinosaur enthusiast.


There is a Dinosaur State Park located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut where you can go to live out your paleontologist dreams. This area is covered in dinosaur tracks and there are plenty of nature trails for you to explore.

If you are one of the lucky ones you might be able to find your own set of bones or a new set of trails that were left by these prehistoric beasts. They also have several activities that change throughout the year so you and your family can have a blast learning about the past.


These might not be bones, but Raptor tracks are pretty cool and mean that there are probably some bones nearby. They found 140 million years old tracks in the mines and it only goes to show that there is so much more to be uncovered.

You have to wonder what else is there to discover in this area as we dig deeper into the Earth. This means it is up to you to find the next big thing in paleontology and this is a great place to start.


There was a huge dinosaur discovered back in 1982 on the bank of the Volga River. It was said to weigh a total of 17 tons and it was dubbed the Volgatitan. There have not been very many discoveries in Russia, but we know from this dinosaur's location that there are more to be found. It might be worth the trip to take a second look around the area and see if any more dinosaurs are hiding from the world who wish to be found.

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