The World Is Ready for a Dino Crisis Remake

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

It's been over 20 years since Dino Crisis launched for the original PlayStation, but the franchise is dormant today and long overdue for a revival.

The ninth console generation saw a resurgence of Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7 took the franchise in an exciting new direction while the remakes reacquainted gamers with some of their favorite Resident Evil classics. Although Resident Evil continues to be one of Capcom's most successful IPs, it isn't the only horror franchise fans would like to see flourish on next-gen systems. Many gamers would love to see Dino Crisis make a triumphant return to home consoles.

Dino Crisis took Resident Evil's iconic survival horror gameplay and combined it with the unsettling aura of Jurassic Park. Players must make their way through a secluded research facility hidden within the jungles of Ibis Island after a special agent goes missing. After a group of highly trained special agents attempts a rescue mission, they find out nothing is what it seems. The island is overrun by prehistory dinosaurs that want nothing more than to feed on human flesh.

Dino Crisis' gameplay aged like fine wine, but its controls are stuck in the late 1990s. While some hardcore gamers enjoy the old-school tank control layout, many others find them clunky and off-putting. A next-gen remake could fix many of the game's control issues and make them more appealing to mainstream audiences. It could even include a classic tank control option for players looking to relive the original experience.

Like most PS1 games, Dino Crisis isn't the most aesthetically pleasing game to look at. The polygonal graphics and rudimentary character designs can hinder the game's immersion effect. Updated graphics could take Dino Crisis places never thought imaginable. The dense jungle could be digitally enhanced and expanded upon, taking the ghastly atmosphere to unfathomable new heights.

Video game fans rarely see horror titles with bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Reviving Dino Crisis could give players a unique horror experience that few games can replicate, pleasing longtime fans and new players. It's been 17 years since the last Dino Crisis launch, and it was one of the most disappointing games of the early 2000s. A remake could get the series back on track and could even lead to more remakes or a new sequel.

With remakes and horror games enjoying unbelievable success, there isn't a better time for Capcom to resurrect the Dino Crisis series. The first game helped define survival horror on the original PlayStation and laid the groundwork for many of the games horror fans enjoy today. With a few rumors sprouting up across the internet of Capcom taking an interest in the series, a Dino Crisis remake may not be completely out of the question.