Why the ‘Jurassic Park’ Reference in ‘Toy Story 2’ Was an Extra Special Easter Egg

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Andy’s Rex isn’t like dinosaurs from other movies. However, there is more than one Jurassic Park reference in the Disney and Pixar Toy Story movies.

The easter egg in the second Toy Story movie was special for more than one reason. Here are just some of the moments from Andy’s lovable dinosaur, Rex.

Disney has a few ‘Jurassic Park’ related references in ‘Toy Story’

Rex may love video games and Andy, but he doesn’t love his stubby arms. In fact, this Toy Story character is always trying to be more ferocious. During the first Toy Story film, the green t-rex took dinosaur lessons from the space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. 

As one of the first Jurassic Park references in this franchise, Rex’s roar after being coached by Buzz sounded similar to the t-rex’s roar from the other film. 

This wouldn’t be the last time that rex showed off his new and improved roar. In the third Toy Story movie, this character had another roar just like the Jurassic Park dinosaur. However, this reference was not a coincidence. 

One ‘Jurassic Park’ actor appears in ‘Toy Story 2’ 

One of the most subtle references in this sequel took place inside Al’s Toy Barn, while Rex, Ham, Potato Head, Slinky, and Buzz were looking for Woody. One of the Barbies in the store took the wheel of their car to give a tour. Unfortunately, Rex fell out along the way. 

While he tried to catch up with his friends, viewers see him in the rearview mirror, similar to a scene from Jurassic Park, where the main characters were being chased in their car by a T-Rex. Of course, these were very different circumstances, as the Jurassic Park dinosaur tried to eat the people in their Jeep.

What made this reference even more special was the location of Andy’s toys during this part of Toy Story 2. On their search to find Woody, these characters landed in Al’s Toy Barn. The actor who voiced this chicken-esque shop owner, Al, actually appeared in Jurassic Park in a similar role. 

Wayne Knight, the voice of Al, also played Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park. According to Pixar Fandom, “Michael Giacchino, who composed many Pixar movies, also composed the fourth Jurassic Park film Jurassic World and its sequel Fallen Kingdom.

Rex appears in most ‘Toy Story’ movies and spinoffs

As one of Andy and eventually Bonnie’s toys, Rex appears as a fan-favorite in several Toy Story-related productions. That includes the 2019 animated movie, Toy Story 4, which took these characters to a carnival. 

In this Pixar franchise, Rex wasn’t Andy’s only dinosaur. There was also Trixie, a blue triceratops with a love for online video-chatting. This character is also the star of the spinoff Toy Story That Time Forgot. 

Toy Story 2 is available for streaming on Disney+.

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