Whatever Happened to Timmy From Jurassic Park?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Poor little Timmy from Jurassic Park was the kind of kid that you almost felt needed to be humbled just a bit in order to remind him that being a little know-it-all could get insanely annoying, but the fact that his character had to go through so much in Jurassic Park seems like it was more than enough. After all, he and his ‘Lex almost got eaten by a T. rex, he was stuck in a vehicle in a tree where he threw up on himself, he and Lex and Alan were almost tramped by a herd of panicked dinosaurs, he was electrocuted while climbing down from a fence, and then he and ‘Lex had to outsmart a pair of velociraptors. So yeah, Timmy learned a valuable lesson in humility via a series of life-threatening situations that most kids might not have survived. And to think, that actually wasn’t the most exciting part of the movie. Since then though Joseph Mazzello has continued to act, though he and Ariana Richards did have a cameo in the second Jurassic Park movie, The Lost World. Since then however he’s gone in a different direction and has become a director and screenwriter.

Joseph actually did win a Best Young Artist award for Jurassic Park and has been nominated for other movies throughout years and won several other awards, so it’s hard to think of why he’s not a bigger name than he is at this point. It could be that he’s kept pretty low key throughout the years and has focused more on his career than on being a known commodity in show business, but he has been in some notable movies and guest-starred on a few very popular shows. He was in Bohemian Rhapsody and he’s been featured in a few TV movies and short films throughout his career, but despite all this it would seem that people have almost forgotten about him. That seems to be the life of a child star at times though, people are all over you when you’re young and show a great deal of promise but might peel off as the years start to roll on and things aren’t going the way they need to. Of course some of them wise up and gain an education to go with their acting credits, which is quite intelligent since it gives them something to fall back on when all is said and done. In fact Joseph actually paid for his time at USC School of Cinematic Arts with the salary he pulled down for his cameo in The Lost World, which is enough to make you laugh considering what the tuition costs are for such a prestigious school.

In a big way Joseph seems like one of the smarter people in show business that’s been building his career and reputation around a very solid core of knowledge and experience that doesn’t stab wildly in one direction or the other but keeps closer to home base as he makes moves that are safe and measured without going all out at any given time. It’s true that he hasn’t been a huge name in the business but the guy has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million, which isn’t massive in Hollywood terms but is still impressive all the same since it’s a sign that he’s been smart enough to live within his means. Joseph had made a name for himself that doesn’t draw a lot of recognition, but the moment anyone mentions Timmy from Jurassic Park the lights come on and they have to suddenly realize that this is the kid that went through such hell during the movie. Seriously, no one really got beat up as much as he did and lived to tell the tale, except maybe Ian Malcolm, and he was put out of action pretty quickly.

All in all Joseph has been keeping his career moving forward in a very forward manner, writing, directing, and acting as he’s continued to push himself with each new project. At this time it doesn’t seem as though he has any big projects on the docket, but it’s very likely that he’ll be up to something eventually since it doesn’t seem as though he’s ready to call it quits just yet. It would be great to see Joseph and Ariana both come back for the final Jurassic World movie since we’ve already seen Jeff Goldblum come back for a short part in the second one, and as Cameron K. McEwan and Ian Sandwell of DigitalSpy have said it would also be great to see Laura Dern and Sam Neil back as well. It does sound as though B.D. Wong will be returning to get his final comeuppance, and to be honest it would be great to see the original actors, those that are still with us, take up their roles one more time.

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