T-Rex Dinosaur Fingerlings Are The Latest Toys That Your Kids Will Go Totally Wild For

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Courtesy Of WowWee

If your kid is into collectibles, interactive toys, or dinosaurs, then prepare to freak out a little bit, because a brand new toy is going to make their day. Launching soon, the Fingerlings UNTAMED T-Rex is about to become the king of all toys. Just watch your fingers around these guys, because they will almost certainly bite.


Modeled after Tyrannosaurus rex, AKA the king of the dinosaurs, the UNTAMED T-Rex figures are sure to delight any action-loving kid. Finger-gripping creatures, these UNTAMED figures are like Fingerling's wilder cousins. Not only are the dinosaur figures detailed and colorful, but they're also super interactive. When playing in Untamed mode, the T-Rex figures will roar, hiss, and chomp. This is great whenever your UNTAMED T-Rex encounters a foe. But they aren't always so fierce. When you play with the figure in Tame mode, the T-Rex will nuzzle and purr. It's like a little pet dino your kid can take anywhere.

With their snapping jaws and grippy claws, the UNTAMED T-Rex can react to touch, motion, and sound stimuli. In fact, there are over 40 different sound and animation reactions programmed in each figure. It's a lot of interactive tech in a pretty small toy.

Available for sale on August 3, 2018, the UNTAMED T-Rex figures will be on sale for $15. Four different T-Rex figures are available to collect, and they will be available at major retailers including Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Kohl's. They retail for $15 each.

But the T-Rex designs aren't the only creatures in WowWee's UNTAMED line. Four UNTAMED velociraptors are already available, and they look just as fierce as the new T-Rex ones. With loads of interactive features, as well as super grippy claws and tails, these creatures are all set for hours of imaginative play.

If the original Fingerlings figures are any indication, these UNTAMED T-Rex toys are about to become wildly popular. Named the 2018 Toy of the Year by the Toy Association, Fingerlings are little interactive figures that are small enough to grip a kid's finger. With adorable monkey, unicorn, sloth, and other forms, these sweet toys became a mega-seller. Now it looks like their wilder counterparts are set to take on the toy aisle in a big way.

Both Fingerlings and the UNTAMED creatures were created with the idea of reaching kids and their current interests in a big way. "I would say my biggest inspiration is looking around at how kids interact and play, what they are into, and what’s capturing their attention at the moment. Also, key inspiration for me comes from looking online and seeing what concepts and videos have viral potential," said Fingerlings creator Sydney Wiseman in Forbes. It looks like Wiseman has succeeded in creating fun, relevant toys that appeal to today's kids.

So if your little one likes the idea of owning a pocket-sized dinosaur, then consider adding an UNTAMED T-Rex to your collection soon. Chances are, these prehistoric pets are going to become one of the hottest toys of 2018.

Source: www.romper.com