Stardew Valley: 10 Tips For Finding A Dinosaur Egg

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hunting for a dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley? You're in the right place. Here are a few tips that should help with getting your hands on one.

There are a few items in Stardew Valley that are incredibly useful, valuable, or important that are hard to find. The Prismatic Shard, the ancient seed, and the focus of this article, the dinosaur egg, are all extremely difficult to find and pose problems for many players hoping to obtain them.

If you manage to find a dino egg, you can incubate it into a baby dinosaur that will grow up to lay more. You can also create dinosaur mayonnaise from dino eggs, and the museum requires one as an artifact donation. Here are some tips on finding dinosaur eggs that will hopefully help you in this arduous task.

10 - Incubate Your First One

Once you find your first dinosaur egg, you basically have an endless supply from that point forward. This is because you can put the first one in an incubator in your coop to hatch a dinosaur, which can then produce more eggs. It's recommended by the pros that you always incubate your first one rather than donating it.

You'll need to have upgraded your coop to a big coop so you have an incubator. The egg will take around 12.5 days to hatch, and the dinosaur itself will produce a new egg every seven days.

9 - Check The Mountain

Since dinosaur eggs are technically artifacts, they can be found in artifact spots — those little wiggling twigs you see around town. You'll need to head to the mountain since it's the only place that the dino egg can be found in an artifact spot. Just use your hoe on what looks like worms (yes, they're actually twigs) and you'll dig up whatever's there.

There's a very low chance of finding a dino egg this way (around 0.6%), but it is possible. It includes the quarry, which expands the total area possible.

8 - Go Fishing

Many, many people say they found their first dino egg by fishing. It has a possibility to appear in those little treasure chests you sometimes see while fishing. The chance is still small (around 0.8 or 0.9%), but still slightly higher than from an artifact spot, which is less common than fishing treasure chests as well.

It doesn't matter where you fish, but you will need to have a fishing level of at least 2 and have found at least one artifact for a chance at finding a dino egg this way.

7 - Lures And Magnets

Since fishing is often the best way to find a dino egg, it's wise to increase your chances of this method succeeding. Certain fishing tackle and bait can increase your chances of success.

The Magnet, despite looking like a lure, actually goes into the bait slot of your fishing rod. It adds a 15% chance to find a treasure chest while fishing. The Treasure Hunter lure also adds another 5%, and you can use both the Treasure Hunter and the Magnet at the same time since they go in different slots.

6 - Live The Pirate Life - Professions And Food

There are a few more ways to ensure success in finding a dinosaur egg while fishing, as well. Once you reach level 10 in fishing, you can choose the Pirate profession, if you chose the Fisher profession at level 5. This adds another 15% chance to find a treasure chest while fishing. Remember, you can switch professions at the Statue of Uncertainty in the sewers.

While you're living life like a pirate, it can also be helpful to eat like one. Since you only get the items from a treasure chest if you manage to catch the fish as well, consider eating food that increases your fishing skill. This is to ensure you actually do catch the fish and receive the treasure.

5 - Catch A Movie

This is probably the least obvious method for finding a dinosaur egg: head to the movie theater! This is only possible after you complete either the Community Center or the JojaMart Community Development Form. Inside the movie theater, you'll find a crane game where you can try to win some cool prizes.

A dinosaur egg can sometimes be found hidden behind the foliage in the game. Dropping another prize will reveal it. There's a rare chance for the game to have a dino egg as a prize, but you can go in and out to refresh the prizes as many times as you can afford. Unfortunately, about 25% of the time you see a movie, there'll be another person using the crane game.

4 - Head To Skull Cavern

Skull Cavern is home to many rare items, including the evasive Prismatic Shard. However, you can also find a dinosaur egg here if you're lucky. There's a random chance for the "infested" floor to be a prehistoric floor.

On these prehistoric floors, you'll sometimes find dino eggs as forageable items. If not, you might get lucky with the Pepper Rex enemies found here. These dinosaurs primarily appear on these prehistoric floors and have a good chance to drop a dino egg when killed (about 10%). They can be found on other floors, but this is where they appear in good numbers.

3 - Eradicate Dust Sprites For A Ring

You may have noticed the Monster Eradication Goal chart in the Adventurer's Guild on the wall. You'll earn some cool rewards for completing these challenges. If you slay 500 Dust Sprites, you'll be rewarded with the Burglar's Ring.

This ring greatly increases the chances (about 2x) for monsters to drop loot. This means that you'll have double the chance of those Pepper Rexes dropping a dino egg when you defeat them.

2 - Improve Your Luck

Your daily luck rating has quite a few uses across the game, and it can increase your chances of finding a dinosaur egg, too. First and foremost, your luck can determine the chance of finding treasure while fishing. However, if you find a dino egg in Skull Cavern and then get knocked out by enemies, your luck determines how many items you lose, meaning you're less likely to lose that precious dinosaur egg.

You can increase your luck in a few ways. There are some recipes that increase it, a permanent upgrade after completing Secret Note #20, and a Lucky Ring. You can also check your overall daily luck on the television every morning.

1 - Be Patient

When it comes to finding a dinosaur egg, there's one bit of advice that will save you from frustration more than anything else: be patient. Just like finding a Prismatic Shard or an ancient seed, finding a dino egg can sometimes take a very long time.

Stardew Valley is meant to be a relaxing game, so don't let yourself get too worked up. You'll find a dinosaur egg, it just might not happen right away. Sit back, take a deep breath when yet another treasure chest just has some stone in it, and be patient.