Scorpius Rex in Camp Cretaceous Explained: What is the Dinosaur a Hybrid of?

Monday, May 24, 2021

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous introduces us to the Scorpius rex in season 3 but just what is the dinosaur and what is it a hybrid of?

Season 3 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has roared its way onto Netflix and introduces fans to a new breed of hybrid dinosaur.

That dinosaur, known at first as E750, is the Scorpius rex and it serves as the main monstrous antagonist throughout season 3.

But just what is the Scorpius rex and what is the hybrid dinosaur made of?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*


Season 3 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous roared its way onto Netflix on May 21st, 2021.

The new batch of episodes sees the gang of campers trying to escape from Isla Nublar but their attempts to leave are blighted by the island’s ferocious residents.

One new creature makes its debut in season 3, after being teased as subject “E750” at the end of season 2.


It’s revealed in season 3 of Camp Cretaceous that the aforementioned E750 dinosaur is the Scorpius rex.

The fearsome new dinosaur is teased throughout the opening episodes of season 3 before being revealed fully in episode 5 as it pursues the gang of campers.

It’s revealed in episode 4 that the Scorpius rex gets its name (which translates to Scorpion King) from the scorpionfish family as part of its genome is made up using scorpionfish DNA.

As seen in the series, the Scorpius rex has a number of quills and spines that protrude from its head, neck and back. These are inspired by scorpionfish which have similar spines that are coated in venomous mucus.

One of the most recognisable fish in the scorpionfish family is the lionfish which is covered almost head to tail in deadly fin rays which it uses to protect itself from predators. Only very rare cases have seen stings lead to deaths in human.


  • The Scorpius rex is a hybrid of scorpionfish and various carnivorous dinosaur species.

As mentioned, the scorpionfish provides a lot of the inspiration behind the Scorpius rex while it is also infused with other deadly carnivores.

While none of these other species that make the Scorpius rex are directly revealed, there’s a high chance that some of the science that went into creating the Indominous rex and Indo Raptor also went into this new dinosaur.

As a result, Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor DNA was almost certainly used as well as possibly Spinosaurus and Carnotaurus.

Regardless of exactly what dinosaurs species were used, the deadly combination of scorpionfish and carnivore makes for a truly terrifying dinosaur.