Jurassic World: How Many Dinosaurs Escaped At The End Of Fallen Kingdom?

Sunday, August 9, 2020

The remaining dinosaurs of Isla Nublar escaped into the world at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - but just how many are running free now?

Here's how many dinosaurs escaped at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. As much as there is to like (and not like) about the Jurassic World movies, they haven't really lived up to their name so far. Both Jurassic World the film and the first half of its followup, Fallen Kingdom, took place largely on the island of Isla Nublar, where the original Jurassic Park had been constructed so many years earlier. The sequels The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III didn't stray from that formula either, but instead shifted the action to another location known as Site B on the island Isla Sorna: the place where InGen's scientists cloned and raised dinosaurs before transporting them to Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar.

It wasn't until the second half of Fallen Kingdom that the franchise traded in the island setting for a different one in the form of Lockwood Manor, a massive estate owned by Sir Benjamin Lockwood (InGen founder John Hammond's former partner), where the remaining dinosaurs that survived the volcanic eruption on Isla Nublar earlier in the film were transported. There, the creatures were locked in cages on the manor's lower levels by Lockwood's assistant, Eli Mills, in order to be auctioned off on the black market to the highest bidder, along with a new and extremely dangerous hybrid dinosaur known as the Indoraptor.

Long story short, one thing led to another and Fallen Kingdom ended with seemingly every dinosaur trapped in Lockwood Manor escaping into the world. After doing some digging, fans have confirmed there were at least 26 different species of dinosaurs delivered to Lockwood's estate in the film, along with as many as nine additional ones, plus the Mosasaurus that broke out of Jurassic World's lagoon in the prologue to Fallen Kingdom. In the case of at least 14 of those species (the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Compsognathus, and Carnosaurus among them), there were 2 or more adults present. It's difficult to say what the ratio of male to female dinosaurs was since it's possible Mills and his scientists had planned on engineering additional dinosaurs rather than breeding them naturally. Then again, there's no strong evidence to suggest they only captured a single sex of dinosaur and the creatures may still be capable of adapting to a single sex environment (like they did in the first Jurassic Park movie), allowing them to grow their numbers in the wild.

Digging a little deeper, there were four rooms in Lockwood Manor with 17-20 cages per room. Assuming each cage held one or more dinosaurs, there could've been as many as 80 or more dinosaurs on the estate's grounds in Fallen Kingdom, with many or all of them escaping by the end of the film. So, depending on when Dominion picks up, the number of dinosaurs running free could be substantially bigger thanks to many of them being able to breed. However, this might not be the case for all of the escaped species, what with the Velociraptor Blue and T-Rex Rexy (as fans have nicknamed the female Tyrannosaurs Rex introduced in Jurassic Park and then brought back for Jurassic World) being the only members of their kind confirmed to have broken out of Lockwood Manor for now. There's also the question of whether companies like BioSyn and their boss Lewis Dodgson (who hasn't been afraid of getting his hands dirty in the past) will have managed to capture some of those escaped dinosaurs and started creating their own when Dominion begins.

Odds are, Dominion will be a little hand-wavy when it comes to revealing just how many dinosaurs are living freely now, lest it call upon audiences to suspend their disbelief too much about whether or not the film's setting truly counts as a Jurassic "World". In all likelihood, things will be more or less like they were shown to be at the conclusion of last year's short film Battle at Big Rock. Set between the events of Fallen Kingdom and DominionBattle at Big Rock indicated there are now parts of the wilderness where people have a legitimate chance of coming face to face with dinosaurs, but they're not necessarily overrunning cities or anything that extreme. At the same time, these are still dinosaurs, so even if their numbers have swollen into the hundreds (assuming there were as many as 80 or more that fled Lockwood Manor), it could still cause serious problems for humanity.

Source: https://screenrant.com/