Jurassic World Evolution: All The Islands In The Base Game & DLC

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Jurassic World Evolution gives players the option to build parks on any of the Five Deaths, including a bonus DLC island.

Who doesn't want to run their own dinosaur theme park with reanimated prehistoric creatures running around? Jurrasic World Evolution allows fans of the franchise to do just that. The Nintendo Switch port of the game is likely one of the best sims games on the console and has provided even more players with the opportunity to give the game a try.

Players aren't just limited to Las Cinco Muertes, in terms of islands they can build on in the game. From the classic Isla Nublar seen in the movies to hidden areas fans have never been able to see before, there are a lot of options for players to build on that present unique opportunities and difficulties.

7 - Isla Matanceros

Isla Matanceros is the second-largest island in Las Cinco Muertes. It's the first island players work on in the game and serves as a tutorial island for players to learn how the game works. There's a large mountain on the island that can cause a challenge to players for building placement, but in the end, its large space makes for plenty of room for various facilities.

Despite the size of the island, the buildable area on it is actually much smaller than most of the other islands available in the game. The island offers a lot of challenges with various elevations from hills and mountains which can take a lot of work to figure out as well. It's an oddly complex island considering it's supposed to be used as a tutorial.

6 - Isla Muerta

There is a lot of space to build on Isla Muerta but it comes with a unique challenge. Severe storms often hit the island and can damage infrastructure. When players start off on the island, they even have to try and recover from damage from a recent storm that ravaged the facilities.

Muerta East, which is a part of Isla Muerta, is available as a map for players that purchase the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC Pack. It allows players to explore a different part of the island and gives them the chance to help Dr. Wu research hybrid dinosaurs. They also can unlock the Troodon and Olorotitan here.

5 - Isla Nublar

The island that started it all, Isla Nublar was supposed to be the original site for Jurrasic Park (and we all know how that turned out). While it was originally the only island available for Sandbox Mode, it's still a fun island to build on that comes with many variations.

Players can explore the area of Nublar North if they have the Claire's Sanctuary DLC pack. For players that want to sink into some nostalgia, the Return to Jurassic Park DLC allows them to play a version of the map from 1993 where they have to rebuild after the events of the original films.

4 - Isla Pena

Isla Pena is by far the smallest island players can build on in the game. It forces players to get creative in finding solutions for how to build in such a confined space. With a threat of severe storms due to a lack of mountains in the area, it's easy for dinosaurs to get out of control fast.

It is by far the most challenging island in the game and players shouldn't just try to build there without a plan. Some players downright resort to cheats to even be able to excel there. Players that can manage to keep the prehistoric beasts in check here can manage to unlock awesome dinosaurs, like the Carnotaurus, and get special skin patterns for the Gallimimus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

3 - Isla Sorna

The first dinosaur created by InGen was bred successfully on Isla Sorna, all the way back in 1986, making it a historic location for the entire series. It's by far the largest island available in the entire game, which gives players enough room and space to pack in basically every single dinosaur available.

Players can also enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane by playing on the island back in 1993 if they have the Return to Jurassic Park DLC pack. It takes a lot of work to restore the island after the initial incident that happened there as many dinosaurs are roaming in the wild, but it's a fun one to take on.

2 - Isla Tacaño

Isla Tacaño is off to a rough start when players encounter it in the game as most of the infrastructure was recently bulldozed over. At least it's easier to build on with the weather, only receiving some light rain now and then where other islands get severe storms consistently.

Players with the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC Pack can also explore his hidden research center on the island to build on. The Tacaño Research Facility. It's actually a bit easier to build on than the base map and players have to go through four missions in the area. If they do, they can unlock the Spinoraptor, Ankylodocus, and Stegoceratops.

1 - Sanctuary

A special part of the Claire's Sanctuary DLC is the fact that players get to explore an otherwise unknown island with its exact location remaining unknown. It was originally supposed to be a refuge for dinosaurs where they could live out their natural lives completely undisturbed by scientists, but unfortunately, this original vision wasn't able to be fully realized.

The map feels more like a hollowed-out volcano than an active one, and isn't too rough for players to build on. A large amount of the appeal of the map is how it builds a lot of the lore and story of the series through the game and fans of the franchise will want to be sure to check it out.

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