Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Treat Injured or Sick Dinosaurs

Sunday, November 14, 2021

When it comes to broken bones, common colds, and quarantining dinosaurs, this guide can help Jurassic World Evolution 2 players with ailments.

Against the first-person shooters and the adventuring platformers that make up the video game market, sometimes gamers want to sit back and relax with a good management simulation game. A good example of these games is Jurassic Park Evolution 2, which adds marine and flying reptiles to the long list of dinosaur creatures available, along with other new features. Even though a majority of the experience simply involves players making sure they check on their animals every so often, it may get a bit overwhelming when a dinosaur gets hurt or sick.

Ever since the original Jurassic Park Evolution game, dinosaurs had always been given a chance to catch colds and develop diseases as time goes on. Some of it was by random chance, others were through the sabotage mechanic. The sequel develops on this concept and not only makes it more detailed but also a bit trickier. This guide is here to help players take care of their sick or injured dinosaurs.

How to Diagnose Dinosaurs With Unknown Ailments

In the first game, players would receive a notification whenever dinosaurs were sick with something and would be able to send their rangers to investigate and treat the dinosaur immediately. In Jurassic World Evolution 2, however, things are a bit more detailed than that. JWE2 introduces the paleo-medical facility, which has a sort of dinosaur ambulance that goes around to diagnose and treat minor sicknesses and illnesses.

If during the usual status checks a dinosaur is said to have an unknown ailment, players can tell their paleo-medical facility to inspect the dinosaur using the Mobile Vet Unit. What to do next depends on the ailment.

Taking Care of Diseased Dinosaurs

If a dinosaur has been diagnosed with a disease such as algae poisoning, e coli, or foot and mouth disease, they tend to be treatable. The issue players may run into, however, is that the dart treatments tend to be locked behind research at the Science Center. What medicine is available to research depends on which mode the player is on, but players should keep a close eye on what each Research Node needs in order to make sure they have the proper dart treatment in time. Other conditions like hypothermia require a trip to the paleo-medical facility via airlift to be fixed.

Some Research Nodes require that dinosaurs be quarantined, which may confuse players. How to quarantine dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2 requires a separate enclosure where the dinosaur can be alone. Players need to make a small enough enclosure for the dinosaur in question so they can wait out the time necessary for the Research Node to be unlocked, or be completed. This also applies to any missions requiring quarantining dinosaurs in Chaos Theory mode or Challenge mode, and players need to prepare for the dropping Appeal rate if the quarantined dinosaurs aren't visible to guests.

How to Treat Injured Dinosaurs

How to treat hurt creatures in Jurassic World Evolution 2 depends on what kind of injury they have. Unfortunately, the game never specifies. Some injuries such as fractures or possible broken limbs can be fixed right away. In this case, the MVU will do it for the player automatically. If it's a bit of a worse injury than that, fans may need to send the task to the MVU again, only this time it should say "heal" on it instead.

Some injuries are far greater, such as lesions, and even the rare case where a dinosaur can swallow a Jurassic Park guest's phone. In these cases, these sick animals need to be tranquilized by the Capture team and then transported to the paleo-medical facility for treatment. Once there, it will only take a few minutes for the dinosaur to be fixed and back to normal, and from there players can select the medical facility and hit the "transport" button to select the creature's enclosure and send them back.

There are some cases, however, where some diseases dinosaurs can catch can't be cured or treated, such as the common cold. Players may find trouble with the common cold in the Jurassic Park Movie-themed Chaos Theory mode, as it's not only uncurable but is highly contagious to other creatures in the park. In this situation, fans should look to quarantine the creatures that are sick right away, as the only thing they can do is let the cold take its course. Eventually, the dinosaur should be healed on its own, but sending in the MVU to heal it when its health drops too low could save the creature's life.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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