'Jurassic World 3' SPOILERS: England Filming Location, Director Shares Updates

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Preparations are underway for “Jurassic World 3,” and the film will be produced in England. The plot is expected to pick up from the events in the sequel. The scenes of the next dinosaur movie will be in the cities, and they will be filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Colin Trevorrow is returning as the director for the third installment of the popular dinosaur franchise. He has written the script of the upcoming film along with Emily Carmichael.

According to HN Entertainment, filming of the upcoming movie will take place at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England . The studio has been popular with Hollywood, and many of the big budget movies like “Star wars” and “Black Widow” have been filmed there. The sequel “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” was also filmed in the same location.

Pre-production work for the movie has been picking up pace in the past few days. Director Trevorrow recently told Empire Film that the work related to the animatronics for the dinosaurs has already started.

Trevorrow said that he has his team “carving dinosaurs out of clay” for “Jurassic World 3” already. In what should come as some good news to the fans of the franchise, the director also confirmed that he has enlisted the help of John Nolan and his studio for the animatronics of the upcoming film.

Nolan and his team have already made a name for themselves for delivering the stunning visuals in the Netflix series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.” It remains to be seen what new boundaries they will push to bring the dinosaurs to life in the upcoming film.

The plot of “Jurassic World 3” will be about dinosaurs roaming free in the cities, after a devastating volcano destroyed their habitat in the sequel. The destruction of the island, and the proliferation of cloning technology means that these creatures will be found in countries across the globe.

Source: www.latintimes.com