Jurassic World 3: 10 Storylines "Dominion" Can Have

Sunday, March 1, 2020

With a franchise like Jurassic Park, there have to be good storylines that'll give the plot going. Here are some that we want to see in the next movie.

When it comes to blockbuster films, it’s always better to have the speculations go on a little while before the release date arrives. Since there's a wide amount of possibilities that can be seen in the final product, it makes sense to come up with several scenarios.

In the case of Jurassic World: Dominion, we’ve had almost thirty years’ worth of storylines to derive from. The previous two films have set up the final film in the series well, and with characters from the original trilogy returning, we just might see these 10 storylines become canonical. These scenarios are such that most of them can overlap one another and the film would still make sense.

10 - Stopping The Government From Killing Dinosaurs

The Lost World had tackled the problems of the protagonists with freeing the captured dinosaurs, while Dominion can focus upon the heroes’ efforts to avoid the dinosaurs from getting killed. After all, the dinosaurs are a Class-A threat now, which makes sense why the governments would want to exterminate them.

Keeping in line with Ian Malcolm’s motto of preserving life, though, the protagonists can be seen thwarting plans to finish the dinosaurs off and try to avoid the situation from escalating onto a global purge.

9 - The Attempt To Round All Dinosaurs Up

How would the heroes go about trying to save the dinosaurs? That would be by getting to them before the exterminators do. This way, Dominion can be a fast-paced film that is set around the race to capture these dinosaurs. 

Another option could be to have the heroes working in lieu with the authorities and being tasked to be the ones to round all the dinosaurs at large up. To make things interesting, there can be a deadline set for the protagonists before the dinosaurs begin to be hunted.

8 - The Future Where Dinosaurs Are The Dominant Species

Chances of this happening are quite slim, although this happens to be one of the prevailing theories going around for the film. However, there could always be a twist in the making that reveals that dinosaurs ended being the dominant species.

Alan Grant had surmised as much in Jurassic Park III, where he claimed dinosaurs would never give humans a chance to thrive if they co-existed, a theory that could be seen playing out in canon as the humans attempt to survive in this apocalyptic scenario.

7 - The Search For Blue

Blue happens to be one dinosaur that just doesn’t seem to go away, having featured in both previous Jurassic World movies in a major way. This could mean that she’s a vital piece of the puzzle, something that would have Owen attempt to locate her once more.

The reason can range from extracting Blue’s DNA to using her to gather the rest of the dinosaurs, along with furthering her relationship with Owen. However, under this scenario, the main framing of the story would be the search for Blue rather than the raptor appearing much herself.

6 - Owen And Claire's Role As Parents

You might remember Maisie, the cloned girl who was taken in by Owen and Claire at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. With her character also set to return and seemingly being one of the focal parts of Dominion, we should be in to see the dynamic between Maisie and her de facto adoptive parents.

Not only would this make for an interesting scenario, but we’ll also see the progression of the love story between Owen and Claire, which has been rather unevenly portrayed thus far. Dominion can have the couple struggling to accept Maisie’s truth as a clone, as she’s connected this way to the dinosaurs.

5 - Two Opposing Sides Over The Dinosaur Issue

Similar to what we saw in Captain America: Civil War, there can be two opposing sides to the issue of handling the dinosaurs. One can be those who want to preserve these creatures, while others would be in favor of exterminating them.

The difference in these philosophies can be the basis of the conflict in Dominion, which can be a way we see the likes of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm return as these characters can be shown either on the same side or on opposing teams.

4 - The Second Extinction Of Dinosaurs

The series can be compared to survival games, as most of what we’ve seen have had to do with either human attempting to survive. However, the last installment can turn things around by having the dinosaurs be completely eradicated.

This can have the return to the status quo of humans ruling the world, with John Hammond’s legacy finally ending as the genetically-made dinosaurs go extinct much like the original dinosaurs once had. To illustrate this point, Dominion can show the humans launching nuclear attacks on the dinosaurs, paralleling the first extinction event of a giant explosion killing off these creatures. 

3 - Setting Up Another Island For The Remaining Dinosaurs

The series could have well ended with Jurassic Park III, where it had been established that the dinosaurs were to be left on their own. Now that the original islands have been destroyed, though, Dominion can showcase the humans’ work at building a new one.

This can tie in with the storyline of rounding the dinosaurs up, with the intention being to carry them over to the new island and preserving them for certain. Under this angle, the movie can have a full conclusion, while leaving room for future movies.

2 - Integration Of Dinosaurs Into Daily Life

No, we’re not saying we could see a Flintstones type of scenario where dinosaurs are used for household chores, but it is possible to see a select group of these creatures becoming part of daily life as a means to protect them.

The few dinosaurs that do remain can be shown “evolving” by becoming part of other animal groups, thereby doing away with the need to hunt the dinosaurs at all. It would also give rise to a scenario where the paleontologists end up becoming the caretakers of these dinosaurs.

1 - Stopping Henry Wu From Creating More Hybrids

The overall antagonist of the Jurassic World series has to be Henry Wu, who went from being just one of the scientists to outright having malicious intentions for the dinosaurs. With the character set to return for Dominion, he can be placed at the center of the conflicts.

Since he’s meant to be the big brain behind the creation of new species, the film can have the protagonists trying to find and stop Wu before he can distribute new DNA samples across the world.

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