'Jurassic Park' Timeline Explained, from Isla Nublar to 'Camp Cretaceous'

Monday, February 1, 2021

From frozen mosquitoes and greedy scientists, to hybrid dinosaurs and human clones, here's everything that's happened in the 'Jurassic' universe.

The Jurassic Park franchise follows a relatively simple format: humans try to play god, then things go wrong and they get eaten by dinosaurs. But underneath the formula lies an expansive lore involving corporate espionage, scientists pushing the limits of science, and tons of running away from dinosaurs.

With the second season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous out on Netflix, to the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominionit's time we take a trip down memory lane to refresh our memories and clarify some confusing plot points, as drawn from every filmed entry in this dino-filled universe. So hold on to your butts, because we're going back to Jurassic Park.

Before the Movies

1525 - Isla Nublar is discovered by Spanish navigator Diego Fernandez. Cartographer Nicolás de Huelva names the island Isla Nublar, or "Cloud Island" due to the clouds of black smoke emanating from the just-erupted Mount Sibo.

1913 - March 14: John Hammond is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1930 - Sanjay Masrani is born in Bombay, British India.

1945 - Benjamin Lockwood is born.

1967 - Sanjay's son, Simon Masrani is born in Bombay.

1969 - John Hammon opens his first animal park, "Animal Kingdom" in Nairobi, Kenya. He hires Robert Muldoon as warden.

1973 - February 16: Sanjay Masrani establishes Masrani Corporation to be an ambitious telecommunications company.

1975 - John Hammond and Benjamin Lockwood found International Genetic Technologies, or InGen, in San Diego, California.

1980 - John Hammond's granddaughter, Alexis Murphy, is born.

1981 - Owen Grady is born

1982 - InGen leases Isla Sorna and neighboring islands from the Costa Rican government for 99 years. Work begins on extracting DNA from mosquitoes trapped in amber.

1983 - Tim Murphy is born.

- Construction begins on Jurassic Park: San Diego, which is like SeaWorld, but without the poor treatment of animals, and with cooler animals too.

- Benjamin Lockwood's daughter, Maisie, is born.

1984 - The first animal is brought back to life at the Lockwood estate, using an artificial ovum.

1985 - InGen moves to Palo Alto. At this time, Hammond hired Dr. Laura Sorkin, who helps prove that DNA can be retrieved from amber.

- Jurassic Park: San Diego is suspended indefinitely as Hammond decides to relocate the park to Isla Nublar, which he leases from the Costa Rican government. In return for leasing the park, InGen promises to relocate the people native to the island, and provide education and medical assistance. Surprising no one, InGen fails to meet either promise.

- Claire Dearing is born.

1986 - InGen clones their first actual dinosaur, a Triceratops, on Isla Sorna.

- Dr. Henry Wu is hired by InGen. He eventually suggests splicing the DNA of dinosaurs with that of modern animals. He also comes up with the idea for a contingency plan in case the dinosaurs escape - the lysine contingency. By inserting a faulty gene in the dinosaur genome, they'd become dependent on supplemental lysine that InGen could remove in case of emergency, causing dinosaurs to enter a coma and eventually die.

1988 - A cute little Tyrannosaurus rex baby is born in Isla Sorna. She'll be known as "Rexy."

- Construction of Jurassic Park begins on Isla Nublar, including the inexplicable huge cliff in the T-rex paddle.

1989 - A year-year-old Rexy is moved to Isla Nublar, along with the first mature animals.

- Eric Kirby is born to Paul and Amanda Kirby in Oklahoma.

1991 - Dr. Wu realizes yellow-branded poison dart frog DNA is incompatible with some dinosaur genomes, including Velociraptors, so he starts using common reed frogs instead. Unbeknownst to him and all other InGen scientists without an encyclopedia on hand, the reed frog is capable of changing sex, an ability passed down to the dinosaurs — allowing them to reproduce.

1992 - Dr. Wu and Robert Muldoon observe absurdly high levels of intelligence in the Velociraptor.

- Sanjay Masrani dies, and Simon succeeds him as head of the Masrani Corporation.

1993 - Dr. Wu starts researching making hybrids of different species.

- Maisie Lockwood visits Jurassic Park. John Hammond and Benjamin Lockwood later part ways due to Lockwood's interest in using InGen's technology for human cloning.

- A Velociraptor attacks and kills most animals in the Velociraptor paddock in the park, becomes the new alpha and starts sending her subordinates to attack the electric fences to test their weaknesses. This leads to the decision of moving the Velociraptors to a holding pen.

The Events of Jurassic Park Take Place

- Early June: Gatekeeper Jophery is mauled and killed by a Velociraptor during a transfer to the holding pen. The attack causes all construction on Isla Nublar to come to a halt, as the Board of Directors demands an inquiry into the stability and safety of the park. Jophery's family sues InGen.

- Donald Gennaro arrives at the Mano de Dios amber mine to meet with Juanito Rostagno to discuss the upcoming tour of the park. Hammond doesn't show up at the meeting as he's busy with his daughter's divorce proceedings. Gennaro invites Dr. Ian Malcolm to visit Isla Nublar, while Hammond plans to take his grandchildren to keep them distracted from the divorce.

- June 7: Hammond arrives in Montana to meet with Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant, who just finished traumatizing a child for life. The two agree to visit the island in exchange for Hammond funding their research for three more years.

- June 10: InGen programmer Dennis Nedry utters the immortal words "Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here!" during a meeting with Lewis Dodgson in San José, Costa Rica. Disgruntled with Hammond, Nedry agrees to steal dinosaur embryos from the park inside a can of shaving cream for $1.5 million. Dodgson also pays for Nedry's meal at the restaurant.

- June 11: Alan, Ellia and Ian arrive at the park and are astonished by the actual dinosaurs in the park. Later that day, Tim and Lex Murphy arrive at the park and they join on what should be a fun, guided tour. Unsurprisingly for anyone who has ever visited a zoo, the dinosaurs along the tour path are nowhere to be seen. The only dinosaur the visitors see is a sick Triceratops off the tour path.

- A surprise tropical storm appears! All non-essential staff evacuates the island, leaving only chief engineer Ray Arnold, Nedry, and park warden Robert Muldoon to take care of the entire park. At this point, Nedry sneaks into the embryo chamber and steals a vial of each dinosaur specimen found on the island, then he shuts off all security systems in the park (other than the raptor holding pen).

- Nedry's program causes the tour vehicles to stop right in front of Rexy's paddock just as the electrified fencing shuts down. Rexy somehow climbs the huge cliff surrounding the paddock and attacks the tour vehicles. Malcolm distracts her but is injured by Rexy before she eats Gennaro whole.

- The visitors are separated. Alan saves Tim and Lex from Rexy, but they fall down the huge cliff and down to her paddock. Malcolm is found by Ellie and Muldoon and they return to the Visitor Center.

- With the dinosaur embryos safely secured in the Barbasol can, Nedry hurries to the boat off the island, but gets lost in the storm, crashed his car, and ends up brutally murdered by a Dilophosaurus. In an attempt to undo Nedry's damage to the security systems in the park, Ray Arnold reboots the entire park system and goes to a maintenance shed to restore power, but gets killed by raptors, leaving only his arm behind.

- June 12: Grant and the kids make their way across the park and encounter Rexy again. Meanwhile, Ellie and Muldoon head to the maintenance shed to find Arnold, but get ambushed by the raptors along the way. Muldoon sacrifices himself to give Ellie a headstart and gets killed by his "clever girl." Ellie restores power to the park and finds Arnold's chewed off arm, but manages to escape. At the same time, Alan and the kids climb a security fence, but Tim gets electrocuted the moment power comes back.

- Alan leaves the kids at the Visitor Center and gets reunited with Ellie while looking for help, and they regroup with Ian and John Hammond. Lex and Tim encounter two Velociraptors, and manage to lock one in a freezer while outrunning the other one. The kids meet with Alan and Ellie and make it to the control room and Lex hacks her way into the park's system and reboots it, restoring communications, security locks and everything. Alan calls Hammond and tells him to call in the helicopters, but they are ambushed by the raptors one last time. Thankfully, Rexy swoops in and saves the day, attacking the raptors while the humans escape, though they never thank her.

- After the park incident, InGen starts evacuating and closing down Site B due to Hurricane Clarissa. The dinosaurs are released to the wild, shortly before the hurricane wipes out the facilities.

- Despite covering up the deaths of Gennaro, Muldoon and Arnold, InGen faces lawsuits from the victims' families, pushing the company towards bankruptcy.

1994 - Dr. Wu sees evidence that the Lysine contingency failed as dinosaurs have been breeding, and blames the reed frog DNA used to splice the dinosaur DNA.

October 5: InGen publishes a report on the remaining dinosaur populations on Isla Nublar, and document the growing Velociraptor population on the island. Shortly after, Dr. Wu returns to the island to assist in the clean-up process and to determine how the dinosaurs were breeding. All the DNA samples on the island are lost at this time.

1995 - Wu writes "The Next Step: An Evolution of God's Concepts" detailing his ambition for creating new species.

- Ian Malcolm publicly breaks his NDA during an interview where he reveals everything that went down on Jurassic Park two years prior. InGen and Hammond's nephew, Peter Ludlow, retaliate with a smear campaign against his claims, resulting in Malcolm losing his tenure at the university he works at for allegedly receiving money to spout wild conspiracy theories about the park. In an attempt to preserve their reputation as a tourism paradise, the Costa Rican government sides with InGen and denies everything to do with the dinosaurs, to the point where Jurassic Park is dismissed as a hoax.

The Events of Jurassic Park: The Lost World

1996 - December: A British family on a yacht cruise stumble upon InGen's Site B, and their young daughter, Cathay, is severely injured by a flock of Compy (Compsognathus). Her family sues InGen.

1997 - May 21: Dr. Wu creates a hybrid plant, earning him international media attention and speaking the interest of Masrani in acquiring InGen.

- Due to the ever-growing number of lawsuits, the Board of Directors at InGen unanimously fire John Hammond as CEO and President. His successor, Peter Ludlow, begins making plans to save the company by finally opening Jurassic Park: San Diego with assets obtained from Site B.

- Paleontologist Dr. Sarah Harding meets with John Hammond, who plans to send his own team to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs in the wild in order to gather public support in favor of protecting the dinosaurs. Harding agrees and heads to the island by herself.

- November 1: Hammond calls Dr. Malcolm to ask him to join the expedition team. After learning that his girlfriend, Sarah Harding is already on the island, he reluctantly agrees to join in order to rescue her. Malcolm joins documentarian Nick Van Owen and field equipment specialist Eddie Carr on the expedition. Unbeknownst to Ian, his daughter, Kelly, stowed away on one of the trailers.

November 2-3: Shortly after arriving on the island, Ian gets word that the InGen team has already arrived, which includes paleontologist Dr. Robert Burke, big game hunter Roland Tempo and his partner Ajay Sidhu, as well as his associate Dieter Stark.

- By nightfall, the InGen team has already captured several dinosaurs, and Roland and Ajay even capture an infant T-Rex to use as bait for the adults. Nick Van Owen is revealed to be a member of a radical environmental advocacy group called Earth First! and says his mission is to sabotage the InGen team's work and free the captured dinosaurs. He and Sarah sneak into the camp and free the dinosaurs, wreaking havoc on camp and injuring several people as the dinosaurs escape. In a lapse of judgment, Sarah and Nick take the baby T-Rex and bring it back to their camp to fix its injured leg, but it ends up attracting the baby's parents, who push their trailer over a cliff and devour Eddie. Thankfully, Ian, Sarah and Nick manage to hold a rope Eddie had tied from a trie to the trailer, and survive as the trailer plummets. Then the InGen hunter team helps them back up.

- Forced to collaborate with the hunters in order to survive, both teams head to the abandoned Site B facilities to radio for help. Peter Ludlow warns that they have to walk dangerously close to a raptor nesting site. Later that night, the T-Rex duo finds their camp, causing panic and the death of Burke and Dieter. To try and escape the T-Rex, the surviving members of the hunting team run through an open field of tall grass, despite Ajay's warnings, and are all killed by the Velociraptors.

- While the raptors are busy killing the hunters, Ian and his team make it to the operations building and Nick radios for help as Ian's daughter, Kelly, uses her gymnast powers to fight a raptor. As the helicopters arrive, the group escapes the island, but see that Rolan managed to capture a male T-Rex and is taking it back to San Diego, while Ludlow orders his men to find the infant and take it too.

- Ludlow invited investors and reporters to go to the docs and witness the arrival of the T-Rex, but the ship crashes into the docks because the crew is dead. Shocking no one familiar with chaos theory, the T-Rex storms out of the ship and heads into the city, stopping for a quick break at a suburban home where the dinosaur drinks water out of a pool and traumatizes a kid for the rest of his life by eating the family dog. Ian and Sarah find the baby dinosaur and use it to lure the T-Rex back to the cargo hold of the ship, where the baby also takes the chance to eat Peter Ludlow as the ship sails back to Isla Sorna.

The US House Committee of Science passes the Gene Guard Act as a reaction to the San Diego Incident, giving resurrected dinosaurs the same rights as other endangered species, restricting access to the islands, and forbidding InGen from cloning any other prehistoric flora or fauna.

- John Hammon dies.

1998 - Simon Masrani buys InGen, and less than 100 days later, secret experiments begin on Isla Sorna with the goal of breading new species, including the Spinosaurus. The same year, conceptual planning for a new dinosaur park begins.

1999 - InGen wraps up its illegal research and abandons the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna to fend for themselves. Shortly after, the UN grants Masrani Global limited access to Isla Sorna.

October 23: Simon Masrani decides to call his new park "Jurassic World."

- The first Spinosaurus is bred on Isla Sorna.

2000 - August 25: InGen's prototype iron analyzer discovers fragments of DNA in the recently discovered skeleton of a Mosasaurus.

December: Henry Wu becomes lead genetic biologist at InGen and joins the Jurassic World project.

The Events of Jurassic Park III Take Place

2001 - May 23: Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby travel to Isla Sorna with the illegal parasailing tour company Dino-Soar. The crew is killed and Ben and Eric crash land on the island, where Ben dies due to internal injuries on landing.

July 18: By this point, Ellie Sattler has married a man named Mark Degler and they have two children together. Meanwhile, Alan Grant is still working as a paleontologist, now with a protégé named Billy Brennan. After reproducing a replica of the raptor's voice box, Alan is approached by Paul and Amanda Kirby, claiming to be wealthy thrill-seekers willing to fund Alan's research if he gives them a quick and safe aerial tour of Isla Nublar. In truth, they're going to Isla Sorna to look for their son, Eric.

- Alan, Billy and the Kirbys fly to the island with three mercenaries: Cooper, Nash and Udesky. On their way, Alan dreams of a talking Velociraptor who speaks "Alan!" After they land, Amanda Kirby starts shouting for her son's name, which attracts the attention of a Spinosaurus, who eats Cooper as the rest of the group tries to take-off on the plane. Before they properly take off, the Spinosaurus's sail cuts off the plane's fuel tank, causing it to crash land, killing Nash in the process. Once on the ground, the group accidentally lures a T-Rex towards them, but it gets distracted by fighting the Spinosaurus, which kills the T-Rex.

- The Kirbys find a camcorder with the dead body of Ben Hildebrand, which causes Amanda to run away horrified and Paul runs after her. Billy takes the parasail with him as the group discovers a nest full of raptor eggs by a river.

- After they reach an abandoned InGen compound, the group is attacked by a Velociraptor and then a dino-stampede, forcing them to run back into the jungle. As Billy drops his satchel, Alan picks it up but becomes separated from the group. The raptors find Udesky lost in the jungle and attack him, using his crippled body as a trap to make Billy and the Kirbys climb down from the tree they're using as protection, almost catching them. Failing in luring them, the raptors snap Udesky's neck and leave to answer the call of one of their breed.

- Separately, Grant is attacked by raptors, and suspects that they are searching for something after seeing them communicate in even more advanced ways than we'd seen them do before now. Right before he gets killed, Alan is saved by Eric, who throws tear gas to fend off the raptors. The two take shelter in a supply truck where Eric reveals he's been able to stay alive by salvaging food and supplies from the nearby InGen compound, and by using tear gas and T-Rex urine to keep dinosaurs away.

- The next day, the entire group is reunited after following the sound of Paul's satellite phone ringing, but Paul explains that he gave the phone to Nash before he was killed. Then they turn around and realize that a massive, thousands-of-pounds-heavy Spinosaurus can quietly sneak up behind you without making a peep, and hear the sound of the satellite phone ringing from inside the Spinosaurus. After running away to an abandoned observatory, Alan discovers that Billy stole some raptor eggs, explaining why the raptors are chasing after them. Though Billy tries to use science as an excuse, Alan tells Billy he's "no better than the people who built this place."

- Alan and the team accidentally enter a massive aviary, not realizing where they were going due to fog engulfing the way. As they enter, Pteranodons start attacking them, grabbing Eric and taking him to their young to feed on. Billy uses the paraglider he took before and rescues Eric from the dinosaurs, before pungling into the river below with dozens of Pteranodons seemingly attacking him to death.

- The group boards a boat on the river, but leave the aviary doors unlocked. By nightfall, they once again hear the phone's ringtone coming from inside mounds of Spinosaurus droppings. As they find the phone, and continue down the river, Eric notices all the fishes in the river seemed spooked, just as the Spinosaurus emerges from the water and capsizes the boat. Grant manages to contact Ellie but only manages to say "Shire. Baggins"The River. Site B" before the boat is submerged. He then manages to scare the Spinosaurus away by firing a flare gun which ignites the spilled gas from the boat.

- After finally making it to the shore, the team is ambushed by the raptors who want their eggs back, but Amanda gives them back while Alan fakes a distress signal with the raptor voice box replica. As the raptors leave, the group finds a very much overreacted battalion arriving on the island, including two aircraft carriers. Once onboard the rescue helicopter, Alan finds Billy still alive. As they head into the sunset, they see Pteranodons fly past, looking for new nesting grounds.

- The escaped Pteranodons are sighted over British Columbia, where security contractor Vic Hoskins is hired to "clean-up" the mess. Once successful, Hoskins is hired as the head of InGen Security by Simon Masrani.

2002 - April: The InGen security team arrives on Isla Nublar and begins rounding up dinosaurs to ship them to Isla Sorna while their new enclosures are finished.

- After a viral marketing campaign teases something dinosaur-related coming in 2005, Simon Masrani abruptly announces plans for Jurassic World during a press conference. Construction shortly begins on Isla Nublar.

2003 - February: Dr. Wu and his team discover that by manipulating dinosaur DNA long-term, and adding DNA from non-pre-historic species, their dinosaurs became unable to grow feathers.

March: InGen bribes members of the UHCS into rolling back on restrictions from the Gene Guard Act, allowing them to clone and genetically engineer new species, claiming that the research would benefit humans and other animals. Following the revision, Masrani Global and InGen begin working on creating new dinosaurs for the park.

2004 - Claire Dearing begins working at Jurassic World as an intern, just as construction is completed.

- Scientists report an alarming drop in dinosaur populations on Isla Sorna, blaming territorial disputes and disease. The truth, which wouldn't be revealed until 2015, is that the influx of new animals cloned by InGen a few years earlier, had strained their ecosystem. After the Masrani Corporation begins moving the surviving dinosaurs from Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar, they are credited with saving the dinosaurs from an ecological disaster, despite them being responsible for causing it.

2005 - May 30: Jurassic World officially opens to 98,120 visitors in its first month.

- Claire Dearing is promoted to senior assets manager for the park.

2008 - April 4: The Masrani Corporation Board unanimously decides to make a new attraction to impress Jurassic World investors, despite the fact that the park just opened less than three years ago. Simon Masrani and Claire Dearing authorize Henry Wu to create whatever it takes.

- The InGen genetics division begins working on the Indominus Rex.

June: Maisie Lockwood dies in a car accident.

- Benjamin Lockwood becomes distraught at the death of his only child, and becomes obsessed with human cloning.

2009 - A Carnotaurus hatches on Isla Nublar, stirring up controversy on genetic engineering once again.

- A clone of Maisie Lockwood is born at the Lockwood state, to be raised as Benjamin's granddaughter.

2012 - An InGen facility comes under construction in Siberia. Its goal is to extract DNA from animals in the permafrost from the Ice Age.

- The I.B.R.I.S. (Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study) project begins with Owen Grady heading the study, all under Hoskins' guidance. The existing raptors are found to be too aggressive and unpredictable, so new specimens are engineered for the program. Soon after, Blue hatches, followed by Delta, Echo, and then Charlie.

- Two Indominus Rex hatch at a lab on the island.

2013 - May: Owen Grady suggests to Vic Hoskins to hire his friend Barry Sembène to help with the raptor project. He soon arrives from France.

2015 - January: Simon Masrani announcing a huge boost to InGen founding, much of it going to security. He also publicly announces the upcoming Indominus Rex, causing ticket sales to skyrocket despite nothing but the name being announced.

- Darius Bowman's father, Frederick, passes away before fulfill their dream of going to Jurassic World.

- The older Indominus Rex cannibalizes its twin. Due to the dinosaur growing far larger than expected, her exhibition is delayed from July until January in order to expand the paddock. The creature also begins to anticipate where food would be delivered, and attacks her handlers.

- The Gutierrez Cattle Ranch, which supplies the beef used to feed dinosaurs on the island, falls on economic difficulties. They seek out a loan, which is given to them by InGen competitor Mantah Corp. in exchange for their daughter Sammy to act as a corporate spy. Though her parents refuse, Sammy accepts to attend Camp Cretaceous and steal information to save her family from debt.

The Events of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 1 Take Place

December 19: The inaugural Camp Cretaceous begins, with six teenage attendees arriving on the island, Kenji Kon, Sammy Guitierrez, Brooklynn, Yasmina Fadoula, Ben Pincus, and Darius Bowman. Out of the six, five are well-connected or influential kids, except for Darius, who wins a competition after beating a Jurassic World video game. The kids soon discover that things in the park don't work as intended, contrary to Hammond's favorite saying "spared no expense."

- The first night of camp, Darius, Kenji and Brooklynn sneak into the raptor training yard and are barely rescued by their counselor, Dave. They are grounded the next day and left alone while the rest of the kids visit the genetics laboratory. Inside, they witness the birth of a female Ankylosaurus named Bumpy, and both Brooklynn and Sammy separately snoop around the lap and see classified documents labeled Indominus Rex. At the same time, Kenji and Darius sneak into a classified Carnotaurus paddock, and are almost killed by a Carnotaurus they name Toro. That night, Sammy delivers some stolen files to a drone that flies off the island.

- The next day, the campers go on a tour using the gyrospheres, and see a heard of Sinoceratops. Sammy takes a skin sample, but is discovered by Brooklynn.

December 22: Claire Dearing's nephews, Zach and Gray, arrive at Jurassic World to spend time with their aunt and to distract themselves from their parents' divorce. Though Claire hopes to have the boys join Camp Cretaceous, counselor Roxie decided against it due to safety concerns (by this point, the kids had almost been killed at least three times). Roxie is unable to reach Claire by phone, so she and Dave drive to the park to inform her of the recent events in person, leaving the kids alone in a park full of dinosaurs.

- By midday, the Mitchell kids are greeted by Claire's assistant Zara Young who is instructed to show them around the park. Simon Masrani arrives to finally check the Indominus Rex, after being unable to all year, and is concerned when he finds out about the creature's aggressive behavior. Masrani asks Claire to find Owen Grady and check the Indominus paddock, which he does, right as the dinosaur camouflages itself to trick caretakers, and it inevitably breaks free. Claire sends the Asset Containment Unit to take down the hybrid, and closes the attractions north of the resort rather than listening to Owen and evacuating the island immediately.

- Alone and unsupervised, the Camp Cretaceous kids hear a radio call about an asset escaping containment. At that moment, the Indominus Rex devours two staff members that ran towards the camp, and starts making its way towards the kids, but they manage to outrun it by using the zip lines to get across the jungle quickly.

- At the same time, Zach and Gray arrive at the gyrosphere ride, and they go off the enclosed tour area after noticing a broken fence (caused by the Indominus). Then they are attacked by the Indominus Rex, which is just killing dinosaurs for fun like a lunatic. The boys barely escape by jumping over a waterfall.

- Owen and Claire reach the gyrosphere attraction, looking for the Mitchell kids, but they're nowhere to be seen. After stumbling upon the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center, they repair an old jeep that somehow still has fuel, and drive it back towards the park.

- The campers are chased by the Indominus Rex, and hop in an abandoned van, reaching the now-abandoned genetics lab. Inside they meet a man named Eddie who tells them that Dr. Wu got greedy and started making monsters. He abandons the kids and takes the van, but is smashed and then killed by the Indominus. At the same time, Roxie hears radio chatter where a guard screams "the order is to save Wu" as velociraptors approach and silence the guards.

- Simon Masrani takes his helicopter, armed with two officers with miniguns, and chases after the Indominus Rex, which runs towards the aviary and breaks the wall, letting the Pterosaurs escape. Both Owen and Claire, as well as the campers, watch in horror as the Pterosaurs attack Masrani's helicopter and cause it to crash, killing everyone onboard. The campers start slowly making their way towards the resort on the River Adventure ride.

- Meanwhile, the Mitchell kids reach the resort just as a swarm of Pterosaurs is chasing them, before attacking and massacring the entire resort, except for Jimmy Buffet, who outruns the dinosaurs without spilling one drop of his margarita. The kids find Zara, but she gets snatched up by a dinosaur, before being dropped into the lagoon where the Mosasaurus brutally eats her and the Pteranodon carrying her. Claire and Owen finally find the kids.

- Later that evening, the campers reach the end of an underground tunnel and are sucked by a current that leads them to the lagoon, where the Mosasaurus chases after them. They barely make it to shore, but Yasmina breaks her ankle and drops a datapad they used to communicate with Roxie and Dave into the water, making the counselors believe they died.

- Vic Hoskins and the InGen Security Division take control of the park and decide to use the raptors to hunt down the Indominus Rex as a way to demonstrate the potential of I.B.R.I.S. for making weapons of war. At this time, an evacuation alarm starts going off in the park, signaling everyone to evacuate. The campers evade Toro and make it to the park's monorail, but Pteranodons suddenly start attacking the monorail because they are attracted to the lights. As they are under attack, the campers also realize the monorail is going the wrong way, so Ben gets on the rook to reach the control car and change the course of the monorail, but on his way back, Ben is grabbed by a Pteranodon and seemingly dropped to his death.

- The raptors are released and they find the Indominus, but instead of killing it, they start working together as the Indominus was made with Velociraptor DNA. The raptors turn on the soldiers and kill them all while the Indominus escapes. Blue nearly kills Owen, but seemingly recognizes him and lets him go. Owen and the others escape back towards the resort, but not before finding Hoskins in the genetics lab trying to evacuate himself, where he reveals he manipulated the Masrani Corporation into creating the Indominus so he could sell clones as military weapons, but one of the raptors arrives and kills him. The four humans reach the Innovation Center plaza where Owen manages to convince the raptors to fight for him, but they're quickly defeated by the Indominus.

- Claire gets one last idea, and she lures good, old Rexy into a fight with the Indominus. Though Rexy seems to be losing, Blue jumps in, and together they corner the Indominus in front of the lagoon, where the Mosasaurus bursts out of the water and drags the hybrid down, killing it. Owen, Claire, and the kids make it to the ferry where the visitors are being evacuated.

- The campers go down the maintenance tunnels to try and make it faster to the ferry, but they encounter Toro once again and run towards a sealed shipping dock. After fighting the Carnotaurus, they cause an explosion in the dock's wall and make it to the evacuation spot, where they realize that the ferry has already left and they're alone on the island.

The Events of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 2 Take Place

Bumpy finds the injured Ben, who survived his fall from the monorail. The two start living together, avoiding predators and living off fruit.

- The following morning, the other campers make it to the Innovation Center, where they face the T-Rex. Inside Rexy's nest, the campers find an emergency distress beacon, which they activate to call for help. After, the campers head back to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, where they start building a treehouse while waiting for rescue.

- Darius, Brooklynn and Sammy find an abandoned veterinary station with dinosaurs left behind in cages. They release both the herbivores and the carnivores after Sammy convinces the others that it'd be cruel to leave them caged.


- January: Ben grows frustrated with Bumpy, having eaten nothing but fruit for the previous 10 days, and having had no luck in finding the distress beacon. He yells at Bumpy and drives her away. After she leaves, he starts to do his daily routine alone, becoming a better survivor and a scrawny, teenage mini-Rambo. Ben even faces off against Toro on his own, before a now-fully-grown Bumpy returns, and together they drive the Carnotaurus off.

- Darius and Kenji discover a watering hole where many dinosaurs, both predators and prey, are at peace. At the same time, Yaz, Sammy, and Brooklynn track down a strange sound in the jungle, leading to the park tunnels' ventilation system. Inside, they follow the working ventilation shafts (by this point, all other electricity on the island is off) into the genetics lab, where they discover a classified envelope marked E750.

- The five campers meet three adults in the jungle, who they believe to be ecotourists who came to the island to see the dinosaurs for themselves. But just like the last time two "ecotourists" came to one of the islands, they were lying. Turns out, they are big-game hunters here to kill as many dinosaurs as they can. But with the help of Bumpy and Ben, who are reunited with the others, the campers manage to fight the hunters by luring them into a trap with the T-Rex, who devours Mitch, while his wife Tiff abandons him. Unfortunately, Tiff manages to make it back to her boat, which the campers were hoping to use to escape the island, and starts heading off into the ocean, but not before two Baryonyx board the yacht and kill her. The campers reunite at the dock and vow to find another way to escape the island. Meanwhile, a containment failure in the E750 cryogenic chamber lets a mysterious dinosaur escape.

March: Congress opens an official inquiry into bioethical misconduct by InGen and Dr. Wu, who is nowhere to be found. His lab is raided and all assets seized.

June: A team of mercenaries sent by Benjamin Lockwood's financial manager, Eli Mills, is sent into Isla Nublar to retrieve a sample of Indominus Rex DNA for Dr. Wu. Though the mission is a success, they suffer inevitable heavy casualties, and they also allow the Mosasaurus to escape into the ocean. Wu uses the DNA sample to create a new, miniaturized version of the Indominus which he and Hoskins were planning all along. By combining the sample DNA with Velociraptor DNA, and other animals, they create the Indoraptor.

2017 - A fissure underneath Isla Nublar causes Mount Sibo to become active for the first time since 1525. The Costa Rican Institute for Volcanology (CRIV) reports no threats to the island.

March: Claire Dearing founds the Dinosaur Protection Group in San Francisco to support dinosaur rights.

- September: A helicopter illegally flies over Isla Nublar and approaches Mount Sibo. Passengers describe lava actively rolling within the crater, and the CRIV determines there are previously unknown magma chambers under the island which could burn the entire island if breached. The Dinosaur Protection Group asks for the safe evacuation of all dinosaurs on the island.

The Events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Take Place

2018 - June: Claire is summoned by the Lockwood estate into meeting with Sir Benjamin Lockwood, who introduces himself as an old associate of John Hammond, and agrees to fund the rescue mission and bring the dinosaurs to a sanctuary free of human interference. Eli Mills asks Claire to recruit Owen Grady to find and capture Blue, the very last raptor.

June 23: Claire and Owen arrive at Isla Nublar where they realize that Lockwood has been transporting dinosaurs off the island for a while already, with trophy hunter Ken Wheatley in charge of the operation. Owen finds Blue and bonds with her, but when Wheatley's men shoot Blue with a tranquilizer, the raptor attacks and kills some of the mercenaries before being brought down by multiple actual gunshots. Owen realizes Wheatley is (surprise!) not a good guy after all, but is shot with a tranquilizer dart before being able to do anything.

- Mount Sibo's magma chamber is breached, and a chain eruption causes rivers of lava to sprout across the entire northern part of the island. Owen wakes up and barely escapes from the lava as he runs into Claire. As the lava starts covering the island, Owen and Claire outrun Carnoraurus, T-Rex and other dinosaurs, and manage to sneak aboard the mercenary ship, while a Brachiosaurus breaks everyone's heart by crying out as it's engulfed by the ash and dies. While on the ship, Claire and paleo-veterinarian Zia Rodriguez operate on Blue and infuse her with T-Rex blood to save her life.

- Owen and Claire follow the dinosaurs to the Lockwood estate, where Maisie finds out about the caged Indoraptor and Dr. Wu's presence. Later that night, Mills smothers Lockwood and takes over the entire operation. While Owen and Claire make it to the manor, they are recognized by Wheatley, who imprisons them in the subbasement with all the dinosaurs. Owen tricks a young dinosaur into breaking down the concrete wall imprisoning him, and he and Claire meet with Maisie, who recognizes Owen from videos of him training Blue that she found on Wu's computer.

- Upstairs, evil billionaires from all over the world arrive for an exclusive auction with a unique opportunity to buy the surviving dinosaurs from the island. The last of the dinosaurs to be auctioned is the Indoraptor, a fully weaponized creature which obeys commands, much to Wu's dismay. Owen disrupts the action by letting a dinosaur loose, wreaking havoc on the manor. Wheatley tried to do the Jurassic Park thing where the bad guy thinks they can control the dinosaur, and gets killed by the Indoraptor, which proceeds to kill all the executives.

- After confronting Mills, he reveals to Owen, Claire and Maisie that she's actually a clone of Lockwood's daughter, made with the same technology used to make dinosaurs. Owen, Claire and Maisie are chased by the Indoraptor around the manor, but are saved by Blue who starts fighting the Indoraptor, who falls down the ceiling and onto the horns of a dinosaur skull which impales the Indoraptor.

- Claire discovers that the dinosaurs are trapped in a room that is being flooded with cyanide, but before she sets them all free, Owen tries to convince her to let them all die rather than letting the dinosaurs free to roam the Earth. At the last second, Maisie comes out of nowhere and sets the dinosaurs free, saying they're like her. As the dinosaurs escape the manor, the stampede kills Mills, who was trying to sneak a piece of the Indominus Rex out. The now-free dinosaurs start killing all the guards, and heading out into the wild.

- At some point later, Dr. Ian Malcolm is called before Congress to testify regarding the Lockwood estate incident.

- Russian mercenaries travel on a cargo plane with dinosaur embryos along with a Baryonyx.

- The Mosasaurus reaches Hawaii. Rexy breaks into a Californian zoo. Pteranodons are sighted at the Vegas Strip.

The Events of Battle at Big Rock Take Place

2019 - April: A family of campers at Big Rock National Park sees a mother and a baby Nasutoceratops wandering around their campfire. This is the first-known case of a dinosaur hatched on US soil. An Allosaurus appears and attacks the baby, but its mother and her mate come in and fight the Allosaurus. The family helps fight the Allosaurus, and drive it off when the family's eight-year-old daughter shoots the dinosaur with a crossbow.

Source: https://collider.com/