Jurassic Park T-Rex Is Replaced With Giant Cat In Hilarious Parody Video

Friday, November 5, 2021

A new video transforms Jurassic Park's classic T-Rex reveal scene by substituting the iconic dinosaur with a giant fluffy black cat looking for food.

The T-Rex in one of Jurassic Park’s most iconic scenes has been replaced by a giant black cat in a hilarious new parody video. Nearly 30 years after it was first released, Steven Spielberg’s ground-breaking journey into a world where dinosaurs roam continues to inspire new installments. Though fans of the original Jurassic Park might argue that the 1993 film is the best in the franchise, the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion is highly anticipated.

Upon its release, however, Jurassic Park stunned audiences and critics alike. Today, the film’s box office success has been greatly surpassed by both Jurassic World entries, but the film arrived at a time where CGI technology was in the process of being pioneered, and the end results were unlike anything previously seen on the big screen. The dinosaurs in the film were understandably the greatest draw, and the scenes with the T-Rex are nothing if not classic examples of the sheer power of cinema. Spielberg’s direction made the entire production a work of art and as such, certain scenes – such as the initial reveal of the T-Rex – have embedded themselves deep in the very DNA of cinematic history.

With such a rich history to draw from, Jurassic Park leaves itself open to endless parodies and fan made artwork. For YouTube channel Owl Kitty, there seemed only one logical option: remake Jurassic Park’s classic T-Rex reveal scene with a fluffy black cat. As can be seen in the video below, the terror of a creature that was the Earth’s greatest carnivore tens of millions of years ago has been hilariously surpassed by a giant house cat. Check out the video below:

This particular scene from Jurassic Park has been parodied since the film was released – with feature films like Wayne’s World 2 getting in on the fun as well. However, this does appear to be the first time that the film’s trademark T-Rex has been supplanted by a cat. It’s all particularly well done, with the moment that the cat food is introduced acting as one of the clip’s definite highlights. The YouTube channel also parodies a large selection of other hit film franchises, such as Home AloneIndiana Jones and Jaws. But for Jurassic Park fans who are also fond of cats, it’s this reworking of the T-Rex scene that truly stands out.

As the Jurassic Park franchise comes to a close with the upcoming sixth and final installment, it remains to be seen just what the Jurassic concept will evolve into. What began with Spielberg’s vision is surely far from over, though it’s doubtful that any future films within the franchise’s new era will resort to unleashing giant cats on an unsuspecting populace. That being said, Owl Kitty’s parody is memorable enough to stay lodged in memories, making re-watching the original film with thoughts of a hungry black cat a hilarious new experience.

Source: Owl Kitty / https://screenrant.com/