Jurassic Park And The T-Rex Scene Which Steven Spielberg Deleted

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Jurassic Park’ is undoubtedly one of the most beloved movies in film history and a favorite of Steven Spielberg fans. The filmmaker delighted us with this dinosaur story back in 1993 and created what would later become a franchise.

Now, when the new installment of the saga is preparing, ‘Jurassic World 3’, we have discovered anew sequence removed from the original tape that involved the T-Rex and of which we did not know its existence until today.

In the last episode of the ReelBlen podcast, David Koepp, one of the writers of the film, starring revealed a shocking sequence by the Tyrannosaurus rex, children, and a river, claiming that Spielberg rejected it for being too complicated to shoot.

“I think I found out when he was showing me a bunch of storyboards he had made, some of which are exactly how you see them in the movie. There was a sequence on the river with the Rex and the kids. But (Spielberg) said: ‘ Oh, we’re not going to do this. “It was totally cut. There were too many things that were going to be challenging and difficult, and it hadn’t even been technologically discovered in that movie. So the idea of ​​adding water to that made Lord Shark. .. it would be quite difficult for him. “

Apparently, according to the novel, in that sequence, the dinosaur should have chased the children and Grant down the river, but it seems that, according to Koepp, Spielberg preferred not to do it due to the large number of technical problems he had filming ‘Shark’.

Source: https://andoverleader.com/