Is the Jurassic Franchise Headed Back to the Stone Age?

Monday, June 25, 2018

2015’s Jurassic World returned the dinosaur franchise to great heights. After a few disappointing sequels, this was the right movie for the right time, something that moved the story forward all while honoring the past. Now, after four movies of dinosaur-infested islands, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roars into theaters with a bold departure from what has come before. While it starts off with a familiar story that we expect — a return to the island — things take a drastic turn when Isla Nublar is destroyed thanks to a volcano. Then, the action is transported state-side, where an evil businessman is looking to make a profit out of the valuable dinosaurs.

However, things don’t exactly go his way, and the sequel ends by kicking down the door of the pre-conceived, safe notions we had about the Jurassic franchise. Dozens of dinosaurs are now free, out in the wild, and this surprising twist is exactly the move that this new trilogy needed. The tagline that was featured during Fallen Kingdom‘s marketing, “The park is gone,” is more true than we could have ever imagined. Now, we are truly heading into a world of Jurassic proportions. This makes us wonder if, now, the next film might twist the formula on its head.

The basic premise at the heart of all of the Jurassic movies is that mankind was bringing the dinosaurs back into the modern age. But now, there has been a power shift; this time around, the dinosaurs might be the ones to bring mankind back to their own time, in the days before the Stone Age.

These creatures, who once roamed the Earth long before man ever did, are now part of an ecosystem and a world that has gone through many, many changes. But now, it appears as if the dinosaurs might be the ones who will bring the change forward. With the prehistoric creatures out in nature, surely the balance of the ecosystem will be shaken. With new predators to upset nature, entire animal species will be wiped out — something we know can lead to drastic changes for both flora and fauna on a whopping scale.

If dinosaurs are left to roam unchecked, they could end up changing the face of the Earth as we know it. Jurassic World 3 may feature a world we no longer recognize — a world where dinosaurs rule the Earth, not man. This would actually be a neat way of tying back to the first Jurassic Park movie. At the end of Steven Spielberg’s film, viewers might recall a scene where the T-Rex’s screeching roar brings an exhibition banner down, a banner that reads “When dinosaurs ruled the Earth.”

Perhaps the third Jurassic World film will bookend the original film, showing us what this world, ruled by dinosaurs, really looked like. It would definitely be interesting to see how what’s left of mankind handles the new power in charge. And who knows, it could even lead to a whole new beginning for another trilogy.