How To Throw The Perfect Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Who hasn’t gone through the phase of being obsessed with dinosaurs? (I know I have no shame). Make your kid’s dream come through with an ideal dinosaur-themed birthday party, where you have it all from treats that look like real-life dinosaurs to balloons shaped like any type of dinosaur you can imagine all around the venue. Gather around all the little buddies and, of course, the birthday boy or girl and have a fantastic dinosaur-themed birthday party with these tips. We’ve got you all covered, from what food you’ll need at the party to all the fun activities you can do at the birthday party while keeping it all dinosaur-themed.

Dinosaur party caps

Make cute little dinosaur-inspired caps, all the hats could be one color, and the birthday boy or girl could choose the color and dinosaur for their own cap to stand out on their big day. You can make this into activity by setting up a workstation with googly eyes and spikes for dinosaurs for kids to decorate their own caps on. You could just take some green chart paper and cut it into a shape of a circle, then roll the corners to form the shape of a cone to make plain birthday hats for the children to decorate. Every child could have their own unique cap inspired by their favorite dinosaur.

Dinosaur themed games

If you can’t think of any dinosaur-themed games off the bat and are short on time, pick any game and switch out some rules to give it a dinosaur twist. You can change up the classic game, pin the tail on the donkey and recreate it into pin the dinosaur’s spikes. Simply replace the donkey with a dinosaur and the tail with the dinosaur’s spikes and play the game as you usually would. If you’ve planned the birthday party outdoor, hide dinosaur eggs with tiny surprises inside around your backyards and let the kids run around collecting them.

Dino-mite menu (make sure the kids don’t play with their food)

The food is the highlight of every party. Every kid you know is a massive fan of dinosaur nuggets. I think that’s where most of our obsession with dinosaurs began. You can never go wrong with a great chip and dip at a party. Imagine how excited your kid will be to see dinosaur shared chips. Grab some tortillas and using dinosaur cookie cutters, cut out the dinosaurs and fry them until crispy, and there you have it, dinosaur-themed chip and dip. Using the same dinosaur shaped cookie cutters, you can cut out fresh fruits and throw together a fruit salad. For dessert, you can bake cupcakes or brownies in dinosaur shaped baking molds. To ice these brownies or cupcakes, you could dye some icing sugar and use the icing to make them look more fun. If you want to be extra, you can also freeze the ice that you will use during the event in dinosaur shaped ice trays.

Dinosaur decorations

What’s a birthday party with balloons and streamers? Go to your nearest party decoration store and buy anything related to dinosaurs you lay your eyes upon. You want to turn the entire venue into a jungle or the set of Jurassic Park. You also want to get dinosaur shaped piñata and fill it up with goodies for the kids to eat once it is broken. This will add a fun little activity for the children, and who doesn’t like candy? Buy some inflatable dinosaurs and place them all around the birthday party, so the birthday girl or boy could think they are celebrating their birthday with not only their friends and family but with dinosaurs as well. Make sure to buy dinosaur-themed cutlery as well. This will not only be a brilliant touch to the birthday party, but it will make the kids want to finish the food off their plates quickly to see the dinosaurs under it.

Don’t forget about the goody bags.

Skip the candy when it comes to goody bags or party favors. When there’s already cake at every birthday party, why aggravate the sugar rush by adding sweets in the goody bags. You can include things the kids might actually enjoy, such as a dinosaur mask, different dinosaur-shaped toys, dinosaur stickers, and so on. You can also add in some savory snacks for the kids, such as pretzels, nuts (check beforehand if any of the kids have a nut allergy), or some potato chips. The kids will be so excited to see their goody bags come straight from the Jurassic world into their hands.

Photo booth with picture props is always a good idea

Go to the store and buy green streamers to make the background of your photo booth. Take some tape and stick the streamers to the wall of the area you’ve selected to be the photo booth. To hide the tape at the top of the streamers, attach green colored balloons there. On the green streamers, you can put up a happy birthday banner or blow up some foil balloons saying happy birthday. To decorate the area around the photo booth, you can buy some inflatable dinosaurs so the guests can take pictures with them. You can also make some cute little photo props for everyone to use while taking pictures.

Birthday cake

No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. You can ask the birthday girl or boy beforehand about their favorite dinosaurs and have the cake customized accordingly. You can choose the size of your cake according to the guests you’ve invited to the birthday party. You will also need to decide the place the birthday kid would cut the cake. You could place a small table in front of the photo booth with the happy birthday banner or balloons and cut the cake there. You can find candles in the shape of dinosaurs as well. If you don simply just put in the same amount of candles as the age of birthday kid.