How The Spinosaurus Was Supposed To Die In Jurassic Park 3

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The mighty Spinosaurus just kind of vanishes from Jurassic Park 3's narrative, but it was originally planned to have a grand death scene.

The mighty Spinosaurus just kind of vanishes from Jurassic Park 3's narrative, but it was originally planned to have a grand death scene. Each Jurassic Park and World movie has featured dinosaurs not seen in prior installments, and that makes perfect sense, as things might get boring if there weren't any new dino species around to supply additional threats. That was of course upped even further in Jurassic World and its sequel, in the form of genetically created hybrids like the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor.

The big addition to the dinosaur gene pool in Jurassic Park 3 was the Spinosaurus, a creature fully capable of hunting prey both on land and in the water. The largest known species of carnivorous dinosaur, the Spinosaurus earned lots of derision from franchise fans for engaging in what amounted to a one-sided squashing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the world's most famous dinosaur, and the mascot for the Jurassic Park brand. Fans love the T-Rex, and to see the Spinosaurus beat a T-Rex like a pushover made many resent the new dino.

Making matters worse was the fact that the Spinosaurus doesn't get any kind of death scene to serve as catharsis for those who weren't happy about its new status at the top of the dinosaur food chain. The massive creature just got spooked by some fire and made a tactical retreat. It turns out though that the Spinosaurus was originally going to be taken down by another kind of fan-favorite dinosaur.

In Jurassic Park 3, the Spinosaurus makes a final attack attempt on Alan Grant and the Kirby family while they're attempting to travel to safety on a boat. The angry beast does major damage to the vessel, and nearly kills the humans it's after. Eventually, Grant is able to shoot it with a flare gun, which doesn't hurt the Spinosaurus but does cause the fuel that had leaked out of the wrecked boat to catch fire. The Spinosaurus swims away and isn't seen again. However, a deleted scene gave the creature a much more violent death, in which Grant used the Velociraptor Resonation Chamber he'd found earlier to summon a pack of raptors, who attacked and killed the Spinosaurus.

While that might sound unlikely, as helpfully laid out by Klayton Fioriti on YouTube, Grant is able to use the device to make a call that effectively tells any raptors in the area that the Spinosaurus has stolen raptor eggs. This leads a huge group of raptors to arrive, numbering more than 20, and attack the Spinosaurus all at once, ripping and tearing at its flesh, and eventually killing it. One raptor briefly considers the escaping humans but decides to keep chowing down on Spinosaurus steak. Sadly, it seems this death scene was never shot, getting changed in a later script revision. It definitely would've given the Spinosaurus subplot a more satisfying ending, and Jurassic Park 3 a thrilling additional moment.