How Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Connects to the New Films

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Netflix's Camp Cretaceous holds a few important connecting scenes that tie the animated series into the Jurassic World trilogy.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, now streaming on Netflix.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous focuses on kids heading to the other side of Isla Nublar, hunkering down in an adventure camp to get the full dinosaur experience. Lead character Darius is super-excited, as he'll get to spend a few days being educated and watching creatures in their natural habitat. However, seeing as Camp Cretaceous is connected to 2015's Jurassic World, a dinosaur outbreaks ensues.

Here are some of the key ways Camp Cretaceous connects to Jurassic World.


B.D. Wong reprised his role as the sinister Dr. Henry Wu for Jurassic World, and Camp Cretaceous provides a glimpse at his shady behavior when Brooklynn breaks into his office to find secrets to talk about on social media. The vlogger can't get into his computer after their tour, but she finds paperwork about new experiments, namely the Indominus, hinting at the danger to come.

This foreshadows when Wu is caught in the film splicing genes together from the likes of the Carnotaurus and T-Rex, which angers Chris Pratt's Owen, as he doesn't like Wu playing god. Later in the series, Sammy also breaks into the lair to steal data for rival companies, who want to know what Wu's been creating for the exhibitions. The kids also hear about him being saved over the radio, setting up more of his experiments in Fallen Kingdom.


Camp Cretaceous' tour guides Roxie and Dave keep complaining about the lack of manpower for their camp, which for all intents and purposes is still in prototype. They try calling Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire, as they don't want her to send her nephews -- Zach and Gray -- over. In the film, Claire and Chris Pratt's Owen had to save the two from Indominus and the other dinosaurs running amok.

The handlers aren't aware of what's happening, though, and they're unable to get in contact with her. She's already off trying to ensure the boys don't die, and it's at this point Roxie and Dave realize the situation must be dire, as she's abandoned ship. This is the red flag that leads to them discovering the park is imploding and they need to find their kids.


In Jurassic World, Masrani Global Corporation and park owner Simon Masrani tried to undo his mistakes by piloting a helicopter while his soldiers shot at the Indominus when it got loose. Unfortunately, the giant beast crashed into the Pteranodon enclosure, and when the winged dinosaurs escaped, they attacked the chopper and caused it to crash and explode, killing everyone inside.

The animated series shows this scene but from a distance, as the kids look on when the chopper falls from the sky. However, Camp Cretaceous then shows Indominus running out the enclosure, further fleshing out the scene from the film. While the kids don't know who died, they know not to stick around as the Pteranodons give chase, ready to devour them now that they're free.


This series gives the monorail a much bigger role, since the kids have to board it to head to the docks as they try and escape the Carnotaurus with Bumpy the Ankylosaurus. The train gives us a wider view of the park as they go around, showing more of what was featured in the movie.

The Mosasaurus tank is also shown at night, referencing to how it's abandoned at the end of Jurassic World, which invites mercs to come in to steal DNA in Fallen Kingdom. The sea dino did feature a bit earlier too, as the kids had to paddle away from it when it tried to eat them after their canoes ended up in the tank. Still, it's all quiet when they go around it this time, emphasizing to the kids that the park is truly abandoned.


Owen's velociraptor buddy, Blue, appears early on in the paddocks, which seems to be before the training session from the film. In that scene, Owen showed he could get his velociraptors to obey commands, fashioning him soldiers to help save the remaining humans when chaos ensued.

As Camp Cretaceous Season 1 ends, the kids realize they're all alone on Isla Nublar. However, there's a shot of Blue again in the wild. It foreshadows Claire recruiting Owen in Fallen Kingdom to rescue the last of the pack and suggests maybe Blue might help the teens survive the dangers to come.