The Five Best Dinosaur Movies for Kids

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Five Best Dinosaur Movies for Kids

Some kids love dinosaurs, some are afraid of them, and some are simply fascinated by them. It’s hard to explain why but there is a type of wonder that seems to come to a lot of children’s eyes when they see dinosaurs, and while some maintain this throughout their lives others tend to think of them as interesting only to move on later and see something else as equally interesting. But while there are dinosaur movies that might not be suited for younger children, most dinosaur movies tend to be okay so long as there’s a parent around to discuss just what’s happening and why. Obviously the animated versions are a little easier to take on their own since even the scariest bits aren’t going to be that bad and there will likely be a good amount of comedy to break up the scene. But still, it’s interesting how kids react to dinosaur movies sometimes.

Here are some of the best dinosaur movies for kids.

5. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Not only does this movie bring up some already well-known characters, it deepens the story by introducing a new and hidden world that the others knew nothing about in the other movies. It does seem like more of a cash grab than anything but the movie is actually pretty enjoyable since not only does Sid seem to enjoy being a ‘mama’ to three baby T-Rex’s, but a new character is introduced as Simon Pegg joins the cast and proves that he’s every bit as funny as a voice actor. The favorites are still there, and the addition of the dinosaurs is a good bit of comedy that comes through without really stomping on the whole idea of the story, since quite honestly it’s set in a time period when there’s a lot of things that could happen, even if experts would vehemently disagree.

4. Jurassic Park

Hear me out on this one because I can already sense people rolling their eyes. Keep in mind that the blood content in Jurassic Park was very low, but that the terror aspect was very high. Also keep in mind that the kind of violence you see in this movie is still pretty controlled and doesn’t go so over the top that kids would be having nightmares that they’d have to tell their shrink about years later. So long as an adult is watching this with a child they can explain just why things are happening the way they are and that, of course, it’s all a movie and not real. Plus, a lot of kids could possibly watch this without being too disturbed. To be honest the only ones that might be truly terrifying would be part III and the Jurassic World movies.

3. Walking With Dinosaurs

It’s kind of hard to pick out just a few of these movies as the best, but despite the story and the manner in which it’s told this seems to be one of the most touching stories since it recounts the story of a single dinosaur and those that helped to make his life something special. Patchi takes the place of the smallest individual in a pack that many think is worth next to nothing, but ends up having the biggest heart out of anyone and eventually helps his pack repel those that are trying to harm them. The story is one that’s been told dozens of times across many genres, but it’s almost always a great one to hear in any case.

2. The Land Before Time

If you watched this as a child and didn’t get tears in your eyes when Littlefoot lost his mother then you might need to go back and watch it again to gain a better understanding of just how sad this movie was in some places. Not only did Littlefoot have to wander alone and adrift for a while, but he had to learn what it meant to survive and to accept that moving on meant letting go of one’s past and accepting the future to come. Thankfully he did meet friends along the way that had no one else to cling to, and were fiercely loyal as they proved on more than one occasion. Really, go back and watch it again.

1. The Good Dinosaur

It’s an interesting theory to think of what would have happened if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out by a falling asteroid. Apparently though humans were still bound to come around, but wouldn’t be as evolved as their more bestial neighbors, who were seen to be farmers and even ranchers after a fashion. When Arlo is swept away from home he has to find his way back, but along the way he develops a strong and lasting relationship with a human child that has lost his family as well. It’s a touching movie really and a fun one for kids.

There’s just something about dinosaurs that’s inherently interesting.

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