The Famous Google Dinosaur is Hidden in Android in QR Codes

Monday, August 3, 2020

Google Chrome adds a new function with its latest version that generates QR codes decorated with the popular dinosaur.

In many occasions having a bad Internet connection is a problem, even a tragedy. However, Google takes this situation into account and at the time created the T-Rex Runner, a minigame that only appears when you don’t have an Internet connection and has become really popular. A famous dinosaur that now also is hidden in Android in QR codes.

T-Rex Runner is a video game by 2D style that comes with the Chrome browser and whose objective is none other than jumping cactus and dodging obstacles to get safe and sound as far as possible. A title that can be enjoyed both on computers and mobile devices for free. Now, with the latest available version of the Mountain View company browser has been introduced a function to generate QR codes decorated with the famous dinosaur from Google, as reported by Android Police.

The well-known Google dinosaur minigame.

Google Chrome version 84 incorporates a function to share information using these types of codes, so a QR code generator is introduced to which an elnace can be attached to the page that the user decides. A QR that, as reported from the same media, stands out for being decorated with the popular dinosaur which stars in the Chrome minigame when the Internet connection fails.

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Google Chrome generates QR codes decorated with the popular dinosaur

The famous Google dinosaur is hidden in Android in QR codes.

A feature that works correctly on both Android devices and computers, although must be activated manually. For this reason, this function requires activating some flags so that it appears, such as typing chrome: // flags / # sharing-qr-code-generator in the search bar of the desktop version in Windows or chrome: / / flags / # sharing-qr-code on Android.

The generated codes they can be scanned with any smartphone, in addition to being able to download the image to send it by other means and to personalize the link thereof. Undoubtedly, this is a great step for Chrome that allows users to share any link through a different means and with the image of the popular dinosaur present within these QR codes that are so fashionable today.

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