Dinosaur Survival Horror Game "DEATHGROUND" Revealed

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Jaw Drop Games reveals Deathground, a co-op survival horror game filled with carnivorous dinosaurs, now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

If there's something gamers never get tired of, it's survival horror games on PC. If there's something else, it's dinosaurs. That's why Deathground has already received a surprising amount of attention after just releasing both the game's first teaser trailer and launching its Kickstarter. Deathground's a game designed to please – and terrify.

According to Deathground's Kickstarter, it's a first-person solo or co-op survival horror game, where the player or players face off against a variety of AI-controlled dinosaurs. Players will have an arsenal of tools and weapons at their hands with which to either stealth around carnivorous dinosaurs or to take them on directly. Deathground will also feature special classes so that every character feels unique. Otherwise, it's a fairly standard gameplay loop. Players enter a stage, search for loot and then go to an extraction point, all while avoiding hungry dinos.

In Deathground's pre-alpha reveal trailer, it shows players escaping through warehouses, dinosaur facilities, and jungle just like if they were escaping Jurassic Park. Only velociraptor enemies were shown to start, but a tyrannosaurus rex was also shown at the end of the trailer. Note that the trailer is pre-rendered, pre-alpha gameplay and may not represent the final product. It also doesn't mean the game is even in a playable state yet.

Deathground's Kickstarter is live right now and ends on August 7 at 10:19 AM PT. Its goal is just over $100,000, of which almost $30,000 has already been earned. For the first week, Kickstarter backers can reserve a copy of the game for around $16. After the early bird pricing expires, it'll cost around 19 to back for a copy of the game. The game is developed by Jaw Drop Games, which also recently revealed the rhythm first-person shooter Gun Jam.

Deathground is tentatively planned to release in September 2021 on PC.

Source: https://gamerant.com/