The Board Game Jurassic Park Danger! Is A Lot Of Fun

Friday, November 2, 2018

Kidsday reporters Christopher Qu, Kenneth Chang and Justin Tao playing Jurassic Park Danger! board game. Photo Credit: Janet Rumble

Some kids will say that many people don’t play board games anymore, but we promise this game will bring lots of good times.

We played Jurassic Park Danger! board game (Ravensburger). It is a two- to five-player game with one player as the dinosaur and the other players as the human characters. The goal for the humans is to escape Jurassic Park, and the dinosaur’s goal is to eliminate the humans.

There are three control points on the board, and you have to get to all of them and activate them to escape by getting to the helicopter. You also have to choose a character and then complete their goal to escape. What’s unique about this game is that you have to assemble the game board yourself, so it will be different every time you play.

There are also eight characters with different roles to play, which means that you can keep playing without getting bored. The game says it takes 50 minutes to play, and the instructions are a little complicated. We recommend this game for people who like slower games. You need a lot of focus and patience while you play this game.

The game can be played with two players, but when you have three to five it is way more fun. At the beginning we didn’t want to play, but after the game ended we realized that it was a lot of fun. While playing there were many funny moments. This game was one of the best board games that we had ever played. We promise that it’s better spending time with your friends in real life compared to just playing video games. So go out and buy this game and play your friends.