The Best Lego Jurassic World Set In 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

In this guide we’ll look at the best Lego Jurassic World sets. We’ve compared design, detail, difficulty and cost to give you our top recommendations.

10. Dilophosaurus Ambush

You know you're in trouble in the Dilophosaurus Ambush when that little green monster flares its neck at you. You'll need to grab it with the winch before its snapping jaws get too close — but be careful that it doesn't set off the exploding feature on the Jeep.

  • Comes with two minifigures
  • A good buy for fans of original film
  • Many pieces also found in other sets

9. Raptor Escape

Charlie and Echo are on the loose in Raptor Escape. Can you herd them through the trap's closing gate using the ATV, or will you need to break out the missile launcher? The hungry creatures are all set to eat something — better hope it's not you.

  • Holding pen with searchlight
  • Entire tower is collapsible
  • Door is a little flimsy

8. Triceratops Rampage

The Triceratops Rampage features an egg-spinner amusement park ride, along with an entrance gate and a collapsible fence. Youngsters are sure to enjoy acting out dramatic scenes as the heroes pursue the fearsome, three-horned escapee with a hanging carrot as bait.

  • Includes 4 figurines
  • Downloadable companion app
  • Too simple for older kids

7. Baryonyx Face-Off

With the Baryonyx Face-Off, builders as young as 7 can help Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and other movie-inspired characters chase the creature through the jungle. Included is a cool Jeep and a trailer with a highly detailed interior.

  • Posable dino with claws
  • Chest full of treasure
  • Some pieces come apart easily

6. Pteranodon Capture

One of the most exciting aspects of the film was that some dinosaurs took to the skies, and now you can as well, thanks to the Pteranodon Capture. The frightful winged creature can pick up the trooper with its claws or use them to take down the helicopter.

  • Tranquilizer gun and trap shooter
  • Cockpit holds a minifigure
  • Rotor blade actually spins

5. T. Rex Tracker

If you forgot to lock the gate, you'll need the T. Rex Tracker to save your coworkers from the angry beast's snapping jaws. Once you catch it with the harpoon trap shooter, you can toss it in the cage and send it back home, where it belongs.

  • Good set for beginners
  • Includes awesome motorcycle
  • Can store lots of stuff in the truck

4. Indominus Rex Breakout

It's not cheap, but the Indominus Rex Breakout will allow you to recreate one of the most thrilling scenes from the movie. Will you be able to bring down the giant monster with your helicopter or will you need to take off after it in the gyrosphere?

  • Rare doctor wu figurine
  • Tower with research lab
  • Functional feeding crane

3. T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle

With the T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle kids can role-play using the short-armed, yet imposing, creature that has met its match in the form of a mechanical foe. In the meantime, the human characters can search for the precious gems hidden in the Isla Nublar volcano.

  • Battle-ready boat with stud shooters
  • 4 baby velociraptors
  • Highly detailed design

2. Carnotaurus Gyrosphere

When the ferocious theropod of the Carnotaurus Gyrospherecloses in, you can help Owen, Claire, and Franklin roll away to safety in their clear, spinning orb. They can also make their escape in the mobile control center truck, which features a 2-seater cab and a shooter.

  • Includes a nest with eggs
  • Exploding lava rocks
  • Many pieces are unique to this set

1. Raptor Rampage

When you think "Jurassic World," you think of velociraptors, and with the Raptor Rampage you can have Blue and Charlie pay a visit to the mobile vet unit. Use the motorbike and flare gun to get their attention before you nail them with the tranquilizer gun.

  • Rotating rooftop shooter
  • Miniature cell phone
  • Quick and easy to assemble