The Best Dinosaur Toy For Toddlers

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

From craft projects to educational dinosaur egg kits, the options are endless when it comes to dinosaur toys for youngsters. (BestReviews)

What toddler doesn’t love pretending to be a dinosaur or hugging a giant plush Tyrannosaurus rex? Dinosaur toys are great immersive fun for toddlers and parents to enjoy together. Dinosaur toys come in a variety of styles, from figurines to robot dinosaurs to educational toys, each one allowing your child’s imagination to run wild.

If you're looking for a toy for a dino-obsessed toddler, the Discovery Kids' Remote Control RC T. Rex Dinosaur with its roaring sounds and mouth that opens and shuts might be ideal for you

What to know before you buy a dinosaur toy for toddlers

Educational vs. fun dinosaur toys

Some dinosaur toys are meant for learning, while others are designed purely for play. If you aren't sure which to go with, try something that is both educational and fun, like a dinosaur book that teaches facts but also plays noises, or a sorting and counting game where they learn basic math skills.

Keep batteries on hand if needed!

Make sure that the gift you choose comes with batteries if necessary, or purchase some on the side to ensure that they can play with the toy immediately. Being prepared with batteries will avoid potential meltdowns.

Dinosaur toy for toddlers features

Robotic dinosaur toys

Robot dinosaurs can move across the floor, roar on command and much more. Generally controlled via a remote or Bluetooth connection, these dinosaurs can be quite realistic, with emotions and color-changing LED eyes. Some can even snore, yawn, stomp around the floor or do full spins.

Stuffed dinosaur toys

Classic stuffed dinosaur plush toys are a great gift idea for toddlers. There are plenty of varied choices like cute cartoon-style dinosaurs all the way to more realistic-looking yet soft and plush dinosaurs. Spark your child's creative streak with a dinosaur plush that they can color and doodle on over and over.

Educational dinosaur toys

There are tons of books about dinosaurs, from stories to guides to interactive books with sound. Consider a coloring book where your child can color the different types of dinosaurs, or a chomping dinosaur that practices colors, foods, shapes and counting. A dinosaur egg kit where your child can excavate the dinosaurs will provide your little archeologist with their first discoveries.

Dinosaur-themed arts and crafts projects

Toddlers love crafts and getting messy, so a dinosaur painting kit with different types of dinosaurs and water-based paint would be a great gift. The water-based paint ensures that it'll wash out so that you and your toddler can paint and repaint the dinosaurs over and over again. Alternatively, try a STEM-focused toy like a take-apart dinosaur set where your child can build and rebuild three types of dinosaurs with a low-speed, battery-operated drill.

Dinosaur nightlights

projection night light that displays vividly-colored dinosaurs against a dark room will excite and amaze toddlers. Not only will it partially illuminate the room so they feel safe, but the gentle movement will lull them to sleep.

Big dinosaur toys

Big toys like a pop-up dinosaur tent will provide hours of fun in and outside the home.  Alternatively, a dinosaur rocking horse is a great toddler toy that will keep them entertained and involved physically. A dinosaur-themed tricycle that emits dinosaur sounds is another fantastic toy that encourages physical activity.

Dinosaur toy for toddlers cost 

You should be able to find a dinosaur toy like a plush toy, a nightlight, puzzle or craft kit for anywhere from $10-$25 dollars. Electronic dinosaurs and learning toys will typically start in the $30 range. The more technologically-advanced or feature-packed the toy is, the higher the price.

Dinosaur toy for toddlers FAQ

How do I explain dinosaurs to my kids?

A. Children are naturally curious, so they will likely be interested in knowing about the different kinds of dinosaurs, where they came from and why they no longer roam the planet. While it's a complex topic, you can give them a thorough overview with an educational book on dinosaurs. Share with them the names of the different species and the interesting differences between them. Roar and pretend to be a T. rex to surprise and delight them. There are plenty of facts that can be broken down into bite-sized, toddler-digestible pieces that you can share with them. You might even learn something new yourself!

Which dinosaur toys are best for the outdoors?

A. The best toys for the outdoors are generally sturdy plastic toys, not plush or fabric toys that could be easily soiled or torn. Generally, battery-operated toys do not mix with water, so you'll need to be sure if you play with the toys outside that you bring them inside before it rains or snows.

Which dinosaur toy for toddlers should I get?

Best of the best dinosaur toy for toddlers 

Discovery Kids Remote Control RC T. Rex Dinosaur: available at Amazon

Our take: The incredibly easy-to-use remote on this dino robot has two simple buttons for walking or roaring.

What we like: Use the remote to hear the T. rex roar or make it chase a hapless victim. Hidden wheels allow the dinosaur to lumber across the floor, creating a very life-like experience.

What we dislike: The tail piece is initially detached, so you have to snap it together before you can use it.

Best bang for your buck dinosaur toy for toddlers 

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle: available at Kohl's

Our take: A bright wooden puzzle that helps develop hand-eye coordination.

What we like: Measuring 12 inches by 11 inches by 1 inch, this interactive puzzle features wooden construction and vivid colors. Puzzles help foster early brain development, and this budget-friendly version comes with seven dinosaurs to learn and match.

What we dislike: Image is only on one side of the puzzle piece.

Honorable mention dinosaur toy for toddlers 

Prextex Realistic Looking Dinosaur with Interactive Dinosaur Sound Book: available at Amazon

Our take: This interactive book comes complete with a pack of 12 dinosaur figures.

What we like: This interactive and sturdy dinosaur-sound book comes with 12 different sounds that can be played while you learn facts and stories about dinosaurs. Set also includes 12 dinosaur figurines that measure 7 inches from head to tail.

What we dislike: Some reviewers experienced a chemical smell, so you may need to air out the dinosaurs before using.