BEST 20 Dinosaur Movies For Kids

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Land Before Time is just one of many options to stream.

Chances are your kid has a favorite dinosaur. And chances are you remember your favorite dinosaur from when you were a kid, too! For 200 years, dinosaurs have captured our imaginations. And as soon as we could put these 65-million-year-old beasts on the big screen, we did! In 1914, black and white features like the animated Gertie the Dinosaur entertained audiences. Dozens, maybe hundreds of films later, it’s clear that dinosaur movies for kids are still in high demand.

Of course we’ve come a long way from shaky animation and shoddy special effects: there’s no lack of premium dinosaur content out there for your future paleontologist... but sometimes it can be a little time consuming to dig up everything there is to discover. (Pun intended: we’re not sorry.) So we’ve done that for you with a list of some of our favorite pre-historic movies your kid will want to watch over and over.

Since part of the appeal of dinosaurs is the fact that they’re just a little bit scary, be warned that some of these movies may not be right for younger or more easily-frightened kiddos (that’s why we’ve included ratings for each one). But from silly to a little bit scary, science fact to science fiction, we’ve got something for every dino taste!

Toy Story That Time Forgot


Bonnie’s toy dinosaurs Trixie and Rex take center stage in this Toy Story short. When the toys are brought on a playdate, they find themselves in a strange land with an entire collection of super cool (and dangerous) action figures.

Buy Toy Story That Time Forgot, rated G, on Amazon.

Bob the Builder: Big Dino Dig Movie

Amazon Video

Bob and his crew are excited to build a new leisure park... but things get even more exciting when they find dinosaur bones!

Stream Bob the Builder: Big Dino Dig Movie, rated G, on Amazon Prime.

We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Amazon Video

After a time-traveling alien named Neweyes feeds four dinosaurs a potion to make them gentle and intelligent (and able to speak), he brings them to New York City to bring joy to children. But things go awry when Neweyes’ wicked brother hatches an evil plan...

Stream We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, rated G, on Amazon Prime.

Meet the Robinsons

Boy genius Lewis goes on a time-traveling romp with a mysterious figure from the future Wilbur, where they encounter everything from flying saucers to a T-Rex!

Stream Meet the Robinsons, rated G, on Amazon Prime.

The Land Before Time

Amazon Video

After Littlefoot the apatosaurus is orphaned (in a scene on par with Mufasa and Bambi’s mother, so parents of sensitive children be warned), he teams up with friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike to reunite with fellow herbivores in the fabled “Great Valley,” a land with all the tree stars (leaves) they can eat!

Stream Land Before Time, rated G, on Amazon Prime.


Fantasia marries Disney classic animation with an array of classical music for a visually stunning piece of film including a famous sequence that shows the rise (and fall) of dinosaurs set to Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.

Stream Fantasia, rated G, on Amazon Prime.

Dino King

Amazon Video

Also titled Speckles: The Tarbosaurus, this movie follows the life of Speckles as he grows up to face the mean T-Rex that destroyed his family...

Stream Dino King, rated TV-Y7, on Amazon Prime.

Dinosaur Island

Amazon Video

What was supposed to be a vacation takes a disastrous turn when a 13-year old boy is flung into a time warp and finds himself on an island full of dinosaurs... and one young girl who claims to have come from the 1950s! Will they ever escape? All those ghost ships probably aren’t a good sign...

Stream Dinosaur Island on Amazon Prime.

My Pet Dinosaur

Amazon Video

It’s important for kids to make friends, but when Jake literally makes a new dinosaur friend in a science experiment gone wrong, things get pretty weird! How long can he keep this a secret?

Stream My Pet Dinosaur on Amazon Prime.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Amazon Video

After a trio of explorers are trapped in a cavern in Iceland, they must dig deep into the Earth to escape... where they encounter things they never could have imagined, including dinosaurs!

Stream Journey to the Center of the Earth, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

Night at the Museum

When Larry became a night watchman at the Museum of Natural History in New York, he thought it would be a piece of cake. But after accidentally unleashing an ancient Egyptian curse, all the exhibits (including the dinosaurs!) come to life!

Stream Night at the Museum, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

The Flintstones


The Flintstones, everyone’s favorite modern stone-age family, is up to some wacky hijinks —raising babies, keeping pet dinosaur Dino away from the BBQ, and some light corporate espionage — in the town of Bedrock!

Stream The Flintstones, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

Walking With Dinosaurs

Amazon Video

Patchi the pachyrhinosaurus is the runt of the herd, and so must rely on his wit to survive. But after a fire leaves him and two other hatchlings alone, they must summon his inner courage and strength and become true leaders.

Stream Walking With Dinosaurs, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs

The reign of dinosaurs is over... or is it? Sid, Manny, Diego, and the gang find a clutch of dinosaur eggs, and a hidden world underground.

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The Good Dinosaur

This Pixar film is an alternate history: what if dinosaurs never went extinct? In this world, Arlo, a young dinosaur, washed away from his family in a huge rainstorm. Downriver, he meets a small Neanderthal child whom he names Spot. The unlikely pair work together to find their way home.

Stream The Good Dinosaur, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.


Aladar, an iguanodon, was found as an egg by a family of lemurs, who raised him as their own. But when a meteor strikes, Aladar finds himself among his own kind on a dangerous journey to the Nesting Ground.

Stream Dinosaur, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

Jurassic World

Fandango Movie Clips/YouTube

Jurassic Park was a mistake: the creators of the deadly theme park can see that now! But surely Jurassic World — a new luxury dinosaur resort located on the grounds of Jurassic Park now with massive hybrid predators cooked up in a genetic lab — is an excellent idea where nothing could possibly go wrong... right? You guys...?

Watch Jurassic World, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.

Jurassic Park

Amazon Video

An eccentric millionaire opens a park where dinosaurs once again roam and invites a small party to preview the place before opening. Things go predictably awry. Kids will love the dinosaurs... but, really, is anyone too young to take a deep dive into the ethics of genetic engineering?

Stream Jurassic Park, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.

Land of the Lost

MovieClips Classic Trailers/YouTube

Based on the campy 1970s TV show of the same name, Land of the Lost follows the adventures of disgraced scientist Rick Marshall, his assistant Holly, and survivalist Will as they fall into a space-time vortex filled with dinosaurs and other wild and wacky creatures never seen before.

Watch Land of the Lost, rated PG-13, on Prime Video.

King Kong (Extended Version)


An explorer and his crew journey from New York to the infamous Skull Island, a place where legendary monsters, including giant apes and dinosaurs, roam free.

Stream King Kong, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.