10 Things You Might Have Missed in Jurassic World Evolution

Friday, February 12, 2021

Jurassic World Evolution is roaring onto Xbox Game Pass today. To celebrate, the devs have unveiled 10 easter eggs and hidden details you can encounter in the park management game.

Jurrasic World Evolution's dinosaurs are enough to distract the players for hours on end. However, Frontier’s immersive park management game also boasts a bunch of secrets, details, and Easter eggs hiding in its nooks and crannies. Here are some of the details you might have missed in Jurrasic World Evolution.

Nedry’s infamous lock screen

If you're a fan of Dennis Nedry or just want to see his iconic "Uh uh uh, you didn’t say the magic word" computer lock screen, all you need to do is go into any level and enter the management tabs (top left of the build menu). 

Trying to access the fossil screen before building a Science Centre will result in the famous phrase popping up. Saying "please" doesn't help though. 

Adjusted for inflation

Inflation is an important factor in any management game and Jurrasic World Evolution has been adjusted to more faithfully match the ‘90s economy. As a result, all in-game cash values are around 60 per cent of what they would be today.

The secret song connection

Taking your 4x4 for a spin around your park can be a welcome distraction from the daily grind. Coincidentally, if you listen closely to the radio you might hear a song called Las Gaviotas. This is the same song playing in the background when Nedry meets Dodgson in Jurassic Park.

Accurate helicopter flying

Even the in-game helicopters and their pilots warrant a closer look. 

When you bring up the expedition map and perform a digsite, the helicopter doesn’t just leave the expedition centre in a random direction. Instead, the bearing it heads off in actually matches its real-world destination - with a shortened flight time. 

Behind the Crichtonsaurus

The Crichtonsaurus was named after Michael Crichton, the award-winning author behind Jurassic Park (1990) and The Lost World (1995).

When palaeontologists in China uncovered a herbivorous ankylosaurid in 1999, they paid tribute to the late wordsmith by naming it after him. You can resurrect and rehouse the 'Crichton's lizard' in Jurassic World Evolution.

Unique voice lines

Completing 60 per cent of a Dilophosaurus genome will trigger crisis management head, Cabot Finch's remark referencing the events at Jurassic Park. 

"It appears one of our genome cabinets was left open, and nearby, some type of gaffed can of Barbasol shaving cream was found. Empty. The can looks like it was modified to hold something. Anyway, we’ve got a team investigating..." 

Social goat behaviour

Everyone knows that goats are one of the dinos' major food groups. As such they are free to roam the Park - until the dinosaurs get hungry. In their free time, the goats like to add themselves to the social groups of some dinosaurs.

The secret goat on the map screen

Another goat-themed Easter egg - Jurassic World Evolution takes place on Las Cinco Muertes, or "The Five Deaths", an archipelago known for its stunning beauty, deadly dinosaurs, and of course, goats.

As you move the cursor on the expedition map over to the west of Mexico and bring these islands into view, pay attention to the UI update for a reference to the farmyard favourite.

Buried pirate treasure

Finding new dinosaurs is crucial in this park management title. To find the ancient creatures, the players send teams of palaeontologists to far-flung corners of the globe, tasking them with finding new fossils and sending them back to the bioengineers. 

One of these missions can also yield more than dino bones - your palaeontologists may uncover actual pirate treasure, which fetches $500,000 when sold. 

Escaped Pteranodons

Pteranodons rule the roost in Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park. 

The Pteranodons are also a flight risk and you may see them gliding across other levels and modes you play in if one manages to get away from their enclosure.

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