10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about “The Good Dinosaur”

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Good Dinosaur seems like a very underrated Disney movie considering that it was so very hyped up when it was about to be released. Truthfully it’s a rather cute movie and despite following the same formulas that get used again and again it was still worth watching. Arlo might not be the most convincing specimen ever rolled out onto the screen but he’s still something special in that he was another shot for Disney to really push the dinosaur epic onto the public yet again. But for all that the movie really didn’t get much play and it kind of came and went without much fanfare.

Not all Disney movies are epic blockbusters, and this proves it.

10. One of the reasons it could have done so poorly was that it followed Inside Out.

Inside Out was a big hit with kids and with two Pixar titles coming out in the same year it could have been that there was no energy left over for this film.

9. There were a lot of production issues that held it back for a while.

Creative differences and other such problems were what held this movie from coming out sooner or being finished on time. These problems could have been why it wasn’t seen to be as good as it could have been.

8. Arlo’s movements were based on those of young elephants.

If you take the images side by side you can see the same gait and the rolling movements of their shoulders.

7. Arlo was originally supposed to be older.

He was supposed to be in his teens but the idea of him and Spot both being younger gave rise to the idea that it would be a better story if they were both learning how to survive.

6. This was the lowest grossing Pixar movie worldwide.

Such a thing doesn’t happen very often since Pixar movies are known for pulling in crowds. This just didn’t have the same kind of attraction that’s been so prevalent in other films.

5. This is Pixar’s sixteenth feature film.

You can assume that it’s one they might like to forget simply because it didn’t pull in the numbers they wanted, but since going to the shelves it’s been a little more popular.

4. There are plenty of Easter eggs in this movie.

Pixar and Disney love to plant Easter eggs in their movies and there are plenty of them. At one point when Arlo and Spot are hallucinating you can see the ball from Toy Story, and there’s one moment when you can see something in the water that looks like Hank from Finding Dory.

3. This is one of the dinosaur movies in which the T. rex is not the villain.

It’s not too often that you see an apex predator being a good guy, but it’s been done before with other vicious hunters such as the sharks in Finding Nemo.

2. The hallucinating scene is the first since Dumbo.

And if you can recall, Dumbo and Timothy were drunk when they hallucinated. This is slightly better since Arlo and Spot ate fermented peaches.

1. There’s some connection between Arlo and Littlefoot from The Land Before Time.

Both are given great responsibilities, both have wise parents, and both take on predators that are much stronger than them and somehow succeed.

It was a cute movie to be honest.

Source: www.tvovermind.com