The 10 Best Dinosaur Gifts to Buy in 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Go back to the Jurassic period with these books and toys!

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? They're big, prehistoric and just flat out cool. While dinosaurs are nothing "new", this year they seem to be everywhere, including children's clothing, toys and on the big screens. With Jurassic Park mania still going strong and a sequel in the works — now is the time to give a dinosaur gift to any budding paleontologist you know or just anyone on your list.

Dinosaur lovers aren't just little kids — big kids, teenagers and adults alike all seem to have a great fascination for these prehistoric creatures. So, our roundup of the best dinosaur gifts doesn't just include the best toys we have a few options for every age group, because we are all young at heart.


Prextex Plastic Assorted Dinosaur Figures with Dinosaur Book

We simply could not have a list of dino toys without a set of plastic dinosaur figurines on it. Kids’ imaginations can run the gamut with these realistic-looking dinosaurs. And, as if the dinos were not enough, this set comes complete with a book that teaches kids the history of each of the dinosaurs included in the set, fostering kids’ natural curiosity and love of science. Each of the 12 dinosaurs has a page in the book with full-color, detailed images and facts about the size, habitat, history and diet of each. The dinosaurs included measures approximately seven inches in height — perfect for little hands. This is a great gift for kids ages three and up.


National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs - Hardcover

This hardcover book is perfect for the dinosaur enthusiast ages four to eight years old. The world of small, big, giant and gigantic dinos comes to life on the pages of the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs. Easy-to-read text, beautifully detailed illustrations and fun facts make this a kid favorite. The Big Book of Dinosaurs also has parent tips and activities to continue kids’ dino-loving experience, large print and phonetic pronunciation guides for dinosaur names and interactive questions to keep little ones engaged. Also available for Kindle or in paperback, this is a wonderful gift.


LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 3-in-1 Set

No gift list is complete without at least one LEGO set on it. And with this set kids can build three different dinos: a four inch tall Tyrannosaurus with sharp claws and razor-like teeth, a three inch Triceratops, or a seven inch long Pterodactyl with a nine inch wing span. The T-Rex has moveable joints and a mouth that opens to show his ferocious teeth. This dino-loving set also includes a buildable rib cage for your dinosaurs to prey on. Kids 7 to 12 years old will love building their favorite dinosaurs with this mighty LEGO set.


3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys - Set of 4

Preschoolers ages two and up will love these simple, wheeled dino toys by 3 Bees and Me. The four-pack comes with a red rolling T-Rex, a fun-loving stegosaurus, everyone's favorite brontosaurus, and a crested triceratops. Each of the dinos comes on wheels with and ergonomic, easy-grip design so little hands can zoom their new friends around. Certified BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free, these jurassic friends are safe and built to withstand rough pre-school play. 


Mega Fossil Mine - Dig Up 15 Real Fossils with National Geographic

Young palaeontologists ages eight and up will love this Mega Fossil Dig Up Kit. Kids can unearth 15 different real fossils from the 8x8 gypsum block mold. The set includes three different mini tools for excavating: a magnifying glass, a small brush and a mini knife/saw. This set will keep them engrossed for hours as they unearth real fossils like dino bones, ammonite, coral, clams, gastropods, and more. Included with the set is a full-color guide to the fossils kids find. This award-winning science kit will foster a love of STEM and keep kids excited as they dig through layer after layer to uncover the mysteries beneath. 


Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

What kid doesn’t want a giant, two-and-a-half foot, monster-stomping, arrow-shooting, dino-roaring T-Rex? This motorized Tyrannosaurus Rex can walk, chomp, roar, fire arrows or boulders, and so much more. Kids ages three to eight can interact with their ferocious Fisher-Price T-Rex by activating any of the three power pads that control various features. LED lights illuminate his eyes and spikes. And of course what would a T-Rex be if he didn’t open his mouth and roar? The Imaginext dino also shoots cool projectiles from his mouth with a touch of the power pad. Included with the set are three cavemen figures that can also be placed on the power pads, in jail or in the dino’s mouth in a “driver’s seat.” Additional buttons let kids launch boulders and dino-claws. This deluxe T-Rex is packed with activities for imaginative play and fearsome fun.


WowWee Roboraptor - Blue

The Roboraptor has received a few modern improvements since its original release in 2005. Now available in ice blue and with bluetooth technology included, this already cool toy is even more impressive. Bluetooth technology lets kids seamlessly connect their smart devices to Roboraptor and free apps available on the App Store and Google Play allow for advanced game play and control of their raptor. The Biomorphic Motion gives this rad robot natural, fluid movement of his neck, arms, tail, and legs. The Roboraptor can run, hunt, walk, play, and interact with kids through intelligent detection sensors. Sound, touch and infrared sensors allow Roboraptor to sense and respond to stimuli in the environment. Kids can control this massive 32” robot with either the included remote control or with their smart device. Cutting edge technology and whole lot of attitude make this one of the coolest gifts you can give a kid between the ages of 8 and 15, but we know a few grown ups that would love this raptor too.


Dinosaur 3D Optical Illusion Night Light

Mood light, night light, or just for fun light, dino fans big and small will definitely think this night light (or cool desk lamp) is the best thing since the Cretaceous period. OK, so no, it isn’t truly 3D, it is an optical illusion, but it’s a cool looking night light at that. The Elstey dinosaur light is a flat piece of durable acrylic inserted into a lighted base. The image is drawn onto the acrylic so that the light will pass evenly over the lines and create a 3D illusion. The base has alight element that can change with the touch of a button, changing color from blue, red, yellow, cyan, green, pink or white. Included is a USB cord for charging. 


Coavas Little Kids Dinosaur Backpack

The Coavas Dinosaur backpack is one of the cutest ones we’ve found for prehistoric-loving preschoolers. Not only is this adorable, but it is incredibly durable. Made out of Neoprene, the dinopack is water resistant and machine washable. Brightly colored 3D orange spikes curve down the back to a spiked tail at the bottom, while a big red mouth with ferocious teeth lines the easy-pull zipper. A padded back and adjustable straps make this comfortable for kids ages one and up to wear. The overall dimensions are: 11.8” x 9.3” x 5.5” and if you love this green dino check out the other dino-favorites such as the blue one covered in spikes or the orange dinosaur for more options.


Jurassic World 3D Limited Edition Gift Set

Prehistoric aficionados are sure to love this Limited Edition Gift Set of the 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World — complete with battling dinosaur figurines. Dino fans know and love the Jurassic World movie and what better way to watch it than in the 3D version packed with special features like deleted scenes, access to a digital version, and Jurassic’s Closest Shaves? This PG-13 rated classic is full of action as main characters Owen and Claire, portrayed by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, race for survival when chaos breaks out at the futuresque dinosaur theme park. This is a 3-disk set with two plastic dinosaurs engaged in battle.