Sinankylosaurus zhuchengensis: New Dinosaur Species Fossil Discovered In East China

Friday, August 14, 2020

China established a new ankylosaurian dinosaur species after discovered an almost complete right ilium fossil of an ankylosaurus dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous strata in Zhucheng, E China’s Shandong. The new species has been named as “Sinankylosaurus zhuchengensis”.

Chinese paleontologists have found the fossil of a new dinosaur species in the city of Zhucheng, east China's Shandong Province, local authorities said.

Experts have identified the fossil of a right ilium as that of an ankylosaurus, and named the new species Sinankylosaurus zhuchengensis, according to the Dinosaur Research Center of Zhucheng.

The discovery of the new species adds to the diversity of the Zhucheng dinosaurs' fauna, and provides more insight into the lives of dinosaurs, said Zhang Yanxia from the Dinosaur Research Center of Zhucheng.

The findings have been published by the Geological Bulletin of China.

Zhucheng is home to one of the largest dinosaur bone concentrations in the world, with a total fossil burial area of 1,600 square km. Chinese researchers found the first dinosaur fossil in Zhucheng in 1964, and since then more than 10 dinosaur species have been found during excavations.