Acantholipan gonzalezi: The Oldest Dinosaur Has Been Discovered in Mexico

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Acantholipan gonzalezi

Acantholipan is a genus of Late Cretaceous herbivorous nodosaurid dinosaur from Mexico. It includes one species, Acantholipan gonzalezi.

A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in Mexico by palaeontologists at the acclaimed Desert Museum.

The creature lived 85 million years ago, making it the oldest dinosaur to have inhabited the region.

The Acantholipan gonzalezi was found in the Ocampo region of Coahuila and is native to the country's northern desert region.

It seems to be a juvenile because of its measurements.

It's 3.5 metres long and weighs more than half a ton.

A replica of the prehistoric animal is on display at the museum which also features the most important collection of dinosaur bones, including the one we all know, the Tyrannosaurus rex.