10 Facts About Abelisaurus

Friday, February 24, 2017

Abelisaurus by atrox1

Dinosaurs are not mythical. They used to be very much real and inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Some were mere vegetarians but some were ultimate killers that feasted on flesh and blood. Abelisaurus was one such frightening dino that could have wreaked havoc on us if it were alive today. Thanks to Mother Nature and its process of evolution that we have been spared! Abelisaurus is pronounced as AY-bell-ih-SORE-us. Let us learn 10 interesting facts about Abelisaurus!

Size comparison of the Carnotaurins (left to right) Carnotaurus, Abelisaurus, Pycnonemosaurus, Aucasaurus and Quilmesaurus. Basis for all skeletons is Carnotaurus skeletal by Jaime Headden (on commons) with modified proportions and heads to fit other taxa. By IJReid

At a glance: Lived: 85-80 million years ago.

Food: Meat.

Species: A. comahuensis. Abelisaurus is named after discoverer Roberto Abel.

1. Abelisaurus used to live in South American woodlands during the late Cretaceous period, i.e. some 85-80 million years ago.

Abelisaurus home by Teratophoneus

2. Abelisaurus is actually a Greek name for Abel’s Lizard. This dinosaur was named Abel’s Lizard because its remains were discovered by Roberto Abel, an Argentinian paleontologist.

3. Interesting fact about Abelisaurus is that it is known by only one skull. Put in other words, only the skull was found and the rest of the carnivore was reconstructed using that skull.

Skull of Abelisaurus. Cráneo de un Abelisaurus comahuensis. Fotografía obtenida de la exposición temporal “Dinosaurios de Patagonia”, en Alicante, España (Spain). Photo by Kokoo

4. It is estimated that this dinosaur measured around 30 feet in length and weighed around 2 tons. Considering the behemoth sizes of other dinosaurs, 2 tons is actually a lightweight candidate but is enough to crush humans.

5. Scientific studies led to the belief that Abelisaurus were scaled-down or smaller versions of Tyrannosaurus rex.

6. Abelisaurus used to have bipedal locomotion and had very short arms that literally didn’t help much in any activity like eating, hunting, running etc.

7. Abelisaurus had a large head with small teeth. However, the most notable feature of the head was the presence of a collection of large holes on the skull right above the jaws. Though the exact reason for these holes are not known, scientists believe that they might have been caused by the process of evolution. It was actually a balancing act. The skull being massive, the absence of these holes could simply unbalanced the entire body weight of the dinosaur.

8. Abelisaurus actually gave its name to an entire theropod dinosaur family. The family is known as “Abelisauridae”.

Abelisauridae by Tim Horton

9. Abelisaurs as a whole lived in Gondwana Island Continent during the Cretaceous period. Today that area actually consists of South America, Madagascar and Africa.

10. Abelisaurs includes other efficient carnivore dinosaurs like Majungatholus and Carnotaurus. So, do you know any other facts about Abelisaurus? If you do, let us know! We will be glad to learn new and interesting facts.

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